February 27, 2008

Idol Recap 2/26

Alright, so a day late, but thanks to the miracles of DVR, it was new to me. The remaining ten guys performed tonight. Since this is a sports blog, I'll classify the performances like the UEFA Champions League (soccer for those of you who don't like your sports with a side of tea, cucumber sandwiches, and hooliganism):

Group A:
David Archuleta - hands down the best performance I have ever seen on Idol. He's the odds on favorite at this point. It's amazing because when he sings he sounds ten years older than his goofy, awkward, nerdy self. But he will be a superstar. If Paula doesn't squeeze his head off first (what the FUCK was that about???).

David Hernandez - I felt a little dumb after last week's performance because I had rated him so high previously. But he took Papa Was a Rolling Stone out of the ballpark. Plus he has mad charisma and is a great performer.

Group B:
David Cook - Simon was right... he will need to bring more charisma for him to develop a fanbase and stick out amongst this group of guys. But his performance tonight was pretty killer. He's a tremendous musician.

Danny Noriega - I really didn't want to like this song. I really didn't want to like this performance. But bottom line is he can sing. The nice thing for the hair stylists is they just replicate his hair style on Ramiele the next night and they're done.

Group C:
Michael Johns - Maybe I was a little premature putting him on the Idol Tour last week because he struggled a little bit tonight. I'm a fan of that Fleetwood Mac song and he just didn't do it much justice. Plus he looked really old tonight... he was a little Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics-esque. Not that I've seen any more of that movie than previews. I swear. I promise.

Eze - He definitely bailed himself out. Dressed better, sang better, he may make the top-10 yet. He's a soul singer for sure. He's clearly one bad song choice away from seeing his goodbye montage.

Group D:
Jason Castro - Dude... I think the Idol producers may rig voting so that we're never subjected to another interview that painful again. Seriously... you only like singing... you hate taking pictures and acting and talking? Have you ever WATCHED American Idol? Hell, by the final five weeks, the performance is secondary to all the dance numbers and interviews and Ford commercials. Not a good performance tonight and once he's stripped of the guitar he'll go back to banging Cheyenne. Not such a bad fall back plan.

Robbie Carrico - Son, you got exposed tonight by David Cook. There are different kinds of rock but so far you don't live up to the type of rock you try to play. Maybe you're more of a Skynryd guy or a rock/soul mix. But you are not a hard rocker. You're just not. And your range is going to be shot soon. I think next week is your last.

(rarely have two singers made it so easy to see who the bottom two will be)
Jason Yeager - I literally finished watching seven minutes ago, you were towards the end of the telecast, and already I've forgotten about you except for the fact that you're a natural musician and self-taught on the drums, piano, and guitar.

Luke Menard - Wow. There are some bands that you need to be really, really, really sure you can tackle before you try. Queen is one of them. Son, you fell on your face tonight. Plus you do look like Dawson.

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