April 16, 2008

Game 4 Do-or-Die for Caps

Down 2-1 in their first round series with the Flyers, the Caps desperately need a win on the road in Game 4 to stay in the series. The Flyers have dominated the series so far. Only a big third period by the Caps in Game 1 for a comeback victory is preventing a 3-0 Flyers lead and possible sweep. The Capitals have only led for 17 of the 180 minutes played so far, and all of those few minutes were in Game 1.

The Flyers have roughed up Ovechkin and the Caps. (AP Photo)

The Flyers appear to have succeeded in their obvious (and wise) plan to rough up the Caps and get under their skin. The penalty on Huet and the fight involving Mike Green should not happen in Game 3 of a playoff series, especially when the game is still within reach. The Caps need to focus and get back to playing the hockey that got them into the playoffs.

If the Flyers win, that would be 3 straight and a big lead in the series. I don't think a young Caps team that barely made the playoffs could recover from that kind of deficit.

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

My XBox 360 (fourth one this year due to repairs) returned today and I plan to take my frustrations out on the Flyers tonight.

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