April 16, 2008

Capital Inspiration

Now that the Caps are down 2-1 in the opening round series against the Flyers, I feel pressed to come forward with something inspiring for the team.

I now present my favorite song from the NHL '08 soundtrack. This always gets me in the mood to smear Briere with an open-ice hip check. It's 99% by The Mooney Suzuki.

4 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Sorry friendo. Your link sucks and isn't inspirational at all.

For true hockey inspiration, complete with hockey mullets, bad lip-synching by hockey players, and hockey players pretending to jam out to music instruments, and said hockey team being Canadian no less, you have to see this:


J-Red said...

Real men know HTML. I'm sure you meant this.

big tuna said...

Nice try boys. I'll take my whacky local sports promo any day

Nic said...

Let's hear it for the Penguins first round sweep. Jaja!?

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