April 15, 2008

Zorn's First Year Schedule

Well, Skins fans, it could be a long year. The Redskins get all three divisional opponents in the first five weeks, all three on the ROAD. The Saints, who will likely return to 2006 form, and the improving Cardinals will visit the nation's capital in between. A slow start will mean 0-5 without any trouble at all.

Unfortunately for the Redskins, none of the teams I would project to be terrible next year are Skins' opponents. The Dolphins, Falcons, Chiefs, and Raiders will be other teams' punching bags. The best chances for wins will be the Cardinals, 49ers, Rams, Lions, Saints, and Bengals. I think it's a serious mistake to think that the Rams and Saints won't be much better than last year. We get both Mike Martz's new team and his old one, hopefully the transition will hurt both (unless Shaun Hill is starting). The Bungles could be eliminated and demoralized by the time we see them at the end of the year, but that's a little too far away to depend on.

"Another losing season? Good work."

First and foremost, the Redskins will have to be a physically tough team this year to compete. Hopefully Zorn will be able to instill that mentality along with his (soft Seattle) passing offense. The NFC East is always brutal, and the AFC North is equally so. The games with the Browns, Steelers, and Ravens will all depend on the Redskins' ability to win the trenches and stop some of the toughest running games around.

With the transition to a new system, it's hard to imagine the Skins being particularly dominant and this schedule won't help. I'm thinking 6-10, and that might be optimistic.

Full schedule here.

5 Responses:

The Fuzz said...

Danny Boy knows what he's doing. He's giving zorn the reigns for the year and will axe him come january for Cowher. I see this team competing though cause they will be strong on d and if campbell and portis stays healthy they will win. Oh the saints most defintely wont return to form talk about a fluke year in 2006

Jeremy said...

Which Ravens fan wants to sell me their tickets for December 7? By then Troy Smith should be starting for you and you guys will be analyzing who to take with one of the top five picks in the draft.

big tuna said...

You play the Lions so at least you will get one win. The Lions will be everyone's punching bag. They will be lucky to get 3 wins. Just another year in the D for the Lie-Downs.

Russell said...

Haha, Lie-Downs... that's good. I guess Millen's talent will beat the life out of any fan.

J-Red said...


Unlike Washington-area fans, Ravens fans will fill the stadium no matter how bad we are. (Note to Ozzie: But please don't test that theory long-term) I'll be happily enjoying my seats on December 7.

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