April 17, 2008

Nationals Park Gets Second Sellout

After struggling with attendance woes through the first few weeks of the season, Nationals Park finally saw its second sellout of the year, a standing-room-only crowd of 46,000. Unfortunately the Nats weren't playing, and the crowd was there to see the Pope.

Not an empty seat in the house.

Maybe the Kasten should see if he can get BXVI to toss out the first pitch at a game. I bet he wouldn't have trouble selling the "President's Club" seats for that game.

Let's have all the Nats fans break out their spin machines in the comments and try to show how baseball in Washington is more popular than the Pope, and that the discrepancy in attendance is due to the weather/basketball/time of day/free communion wine.

6 Responses:

Jeremy said...

I only hope he offers some divine intervention by getting ready for Mass in the Nats Clubhouse. Heaven knows their bats need something.

J-Red said...

I guarantee the Mets have more Catholics than the Nats.

If you photoshop properly, at least the Nats will have one photo of a stadium full of interested people.

Russell said...

Jeremy, that's the wrong religion for this sort of thing... Killing the right chicken is way more effective.

J-Red said...

I believe I have obtained secret tape of ceremonies taking place in the Nats locker room.

Here it is.

Russell said...

Coming soon to a Nats locker room near you... They just have to get to 8 wins first.


Anonymous said...

the Pope had better weather today than it has been for the Nats.

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