September 16, 2010

College Football Picks - Week 3

There's not as much hype coming into this week, and that's no surprise after surveying the matchups. Here are the games I'm interested in:

Arkansas (+2) over GEORGIA - Mallett is supposed to be the best QB in the SEC this year and lead the Razorbacks to a good season. This is a road game they have to have. But the Dawgs will be none too thrilled about the prospect of 0-2 to start their SEC season. Look for a high scoring game.

NORTH CAROLINA (-1.5) over Georgia Tech - UNC was pretty impressive against LSU, and has had an extra week to prepare. Meanwhile, Tech lost on the road, looking porous on defense and not so great on offense either. This is the game where it becomes really obvious how much the Jackets miss having a #1 WR.

Clemson (+7.5) over AUBURN - In a battle of Tigers wearing orange, I was not sufficiently impressed with Auburn's performance last week to think they will dominate a solid Clemson team.

Iowa (-1.5) over ARIZONA - The Wildcats still have to prove they're good against someone other than other overrated Pac-10 teams. Iowa's a pretty solid team.

Last week: 5-0 (!!)
Season: 9-1-1


gpb said...

7-4-1 (4-1 last week with props to Russell for catching my error)

Arkansas +2 gag
Terps +10 West Virginia
Florida -14 Tennessee
LSU -7.5 Miss St
Stanford -17 Wake

gpb said...

3-1(Terps)-1(Florida) because I'm again lazy.