March 4, 2010

Evil Incarnate

There's so much to report about last night's Maryland-Duke game, which I had the pleasure of attending.

I have no voice, I'm physically exhausted, but I do feel the need to post this picture.

I don't know how much ESPN's feed caught it, but I've now been to 11 Maryland-Duke games. Last night, Coach K was more absolutely out-of-control than I have ever seen him in my life. Not Gary Williams sweating, yelling, rage-filled... but actually "You look like you're about to act like your mentor Bob Knight and run onto the court and punch a referee" rage.

His team lost a lot. They likely lost a #1 NCAA Tourney seed. They possibly (though unlikely) will lose their #1 seed in the ACC Tournament. They lost momentum. And, most importantly, they were completely exposed as having no depth. In a game when they couldn't get any performance from Zoubek, and even less than nothing from Lance Thomas, Duke was completely and totally exposed. Coach K was outcoached.

And, now we have pictorial evidence... contrary to Duke fans' assertions, the biggest maniac in the ACC head coaching ranks is Coach K.

March 3, 2010

Duke @ Maryland Preview

#4 Duke travels to College Park to play #23 Maryland tonight for the second time this season. Duke won the matchup in Durham.

Duke is favored by 1, as they try to lock up the top seed in the ACC Tournament and possibly the NCAA Tournament.

Here is an analysis:

For the second time this season, Maryland and Duke face off.
Usually, the team trailing at the half wins.
Coaching plays a big part.
Krzyzewski manipulates the refs.

Digger Phelps loves this rivalry.
Unfortunately, this is Vasquez’s last home game.
Kismet favors Maryland.
Expect lots of Scheyer faces.

Where were YOU eight years ago?

Greg Abel’s excellent Terrapin Nation blog reminds us that the final game at Cole Field House was played 8 years ago today.  They also have a great video collection that should bring back tons of memories for those that were in the building to witness history.

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