February 9, 2010

A Case for Drew Brees as the Best of Our Generation

Marques Colston was the 252nd pick. Devery Henderson was the 50th pick. Lance Moore was undrafted. Pierre Thomas was undrafted.

Robert Meachem and Reggie Bush are the first rounders. Even Drew Brees was taken with the first pick of the second round.

How is Brees not the best QB in the NFL right now? With Brady and Manning getting "best of all time" talk, Brees has done the same with unheralded talent.

February 7, 2010

We Won't Be Fooled Again

On behalf of anyone who ever lived in New Orleans, this is special. I'm not a Saints fan, but I am a New Orleans fan. I feel like my three years in the Crescent City created a connection between me and its people.