March 17, 2007

House Money

I just want to get some thoughts out there before the game starts:

  • We're playing with house money now. IMO, whatever happens, this year has been a success. We made it back to the tourney, won a game, and put the program back in the top tier nationally.

  • Ryan Randle was greatly underappreciated. Not to disparage our big men the past few years, but Ryan really added another dimension that's been missing lately. He was automatic when he got the ball in the paint, but because he came to MD right after Lonny left, I (and I think most Maryland fans) didn't fully appreciate how good he really was. Here's hoping Braxton Dupree is half as good as Ryan was.

  • I'm really going to miss DJ next year. It's been amazing watching his transformation from a pace-changing 6th man to a selfless point guard to the clear leader of a very good team. He sets the mood for the entire team. I hope Greivis is learning a lot from DJ, because he's the heir apparent. This is Greivis' team for the next 3 years.

  • Right after I typed that, the halftime feature on DJ and his dad came on. I have a lot more respect for Daryl after watching it. He came across as a really good guy and a good father who had a lot of problems. He clearly really cares about DJ and wants DJ to succeed and not squander his talents. Daryl talked about how proud he was that DJ did things the right way. I think that reflect well on Gary and the way that he develops players. It made me proud to be a Terp watching that.

  • Every time I hear about Butler, I think of this guy.

If They Made It...

Yes! You heard it here first! Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and Marlo Stansfield from HBO's The Wire are celebrating the birth of their first child, J.R. Reynolds from Virginia!

Join me in congratulating the happy couple.

March 16, 2007

Jeopardy! First

I watch Jeopardy five nights a week, without exception. Well, except tonight. Of course the sleet and moron drivers caused me to get home after 8p, and of course Jeopardy! history was made with the first three-way tie ever. The defending champion, from Frederick suburb Walkersville, MD, tied both challengers at $16,000. I am literally sick to my stomach, and I haven't even eaten Jessica's dinner yet.


Alright, I firmly believe that I am going to have to post this video at least once a week for the life of this blog just so that I ensure that every visitor to the blog (all 8 of you) checks this shit out.

Now we know why they call him "Boom"...

I found this picture on Facebook, and it made me like Boom even more than I did after his performance yesterday.

Office Party Rules to Live By

So the fun thing about office parties, as I have now seen firsthand, is that person who makes such a drunken spectacle of themselves that they are the source of countless gossip and laughs the following day. We had our St. Patty's Day party last night. And a former intern, a girl who is HOPING for a job in 18 months, showed up at this party in a black miniskirt that barely came down to the middle of her thigh, and barely covered her bits and pieces.

So basically Rule #1... when invited to an office party at a place where you hope to get a job, wear pants.

Next, the girl got so slurringly drunk, that she was all over every single male there, including judges (some of whom didn't mind, but others who thought that she looked like various people before our court on solicitation charges), and began hiking up her dress to the point where I thought she might give us all a Britney Spears moment.

Rule #2... don't make your prospective boss think that if work with them falls through, you can get a job as a hooker.

Finally, Rule #3... don't tell people at the party that your current boyfriend has been with over 300 girls. Are you proud that you're #307? Or were you seeking to give an explanation of why you looked so flat out worn?

Moral of the story is that this girl is the topic of tremendous conversation today, possibly the inspiration for our softball team name, and possibly not going to get hired because if she can embarrass herself and her prospective boss at a party 18 months before she was to start work if hired, who knows what kind of damage she could do every single day.

And y'all thought working in a courthouse was boring.......

What a Day...

So Maryland 82 - Davidson 70. A game that was a hell of a lot closer than the score indicated. I don't have too much else to say about the game because I was so nervous for the entire second half that I think I blanked out. The judge's secretary is now my heroine though because when she saw how I damn near flipped out when I saw we were down 8 in the second half, she covered for me in the courtroom and let me watch the game in chambers. Another of those examples of people who actually fear for my wellbeing because I'm so emotionally tied up in these damn Maryland games. And now, we have a date with Butler. Butler's gym is where they filmed Hoosiers... I hope that Jimmy Chitwood doesn't come off their bench and light us up. But seriously, Butler is exactly the kind of team that we match up horribly against. I'm tremendously worried about this game. Almost more so than I am about a potential date with Florida.

As for my brackets, they did pretty damn well. 13 out of 16. Missed the Butler-ODU game, but that was because my heart picked ODU because I didn't want the Terps to have to play Butler. Missed the Duke-VCU game, but that's fine because it seriously never, ever, EVER gets old to see Duke lose. There was something special seeing Coach K storm off the court as the VCU band jammed "Hey Hey Hey Goodbye." He got awfully snitty in his postgame presser, as well. McRoberts was so clutch down the stretch on those free throws. I'm waiting to hear from our anonymous commenter who predicted a Maryland loss and who is such a Duke fan. And finally, I missed Indiana-Gonzaga because I picked Gonzaga based upon having absolutely no faith in the Big 11. But all in all, a good first day.

However, here is why my optimism stops... I am known for having a terrific first day and then on Friday only getting like 9 of 16 of the games. Second, I picked Kansas to win it all and the Jayhawks have torn apart my brackets in at least three separate years. So there's no way I'm going to do well this year.

Most Hilarious Clip Ever

To storm the court or not to storm the court, that is the question.

Here's a hint: be AT the game.

This clip from Texas A&M; after their last second win over Kansas on Feb. 3, 2007.

March 15, 2007

Post-Game Pressers and Jemele Hill Misspoke

Go to and watch the Coach K and Bobby Knight post-game press conferences. Absolutely hilarious. Apparently they teach the fine art of asinine question asking in journalism schools.

Also, how about this great comment from ESPN's Jemele Hill in her "teams that are dead to me for bracket purposes" column:

Ole Miss. The name Bryce Drew ring a bell? That shot he hit buried me. I had Ole Miss in the Elite Eight. Far as I'm concerned, they should have made 12 sequels to "Mississippi Burning." (link)

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Jemele Hill does not really want there to be an additional 12 triple homicides of civil rights workers in Mississippi. Especially with it being based on a true story and all. She's black, so she gets a pass, but she really should have known better.

SuperProps to Heather Dinich

She actually predicted the Maryland-Davidson final score perfectly in her scouting report in the Baltimore Sun yesterday.

Davidson Came to Play

That was the kind of game that can give a coach an unearned reputation. Davidson shot well, played hard, and had great leadership from Dell Curry's kid. If Maryland had lost, they'd have been labeled chokers. Really, Davidson just brought their best shot.

Nervous as a Virgin on Prom Night

Wow. So t-minus 133 minutes until tip-off of Maryland-Davidson. God are those butterflies fluttering around my stomach. I have the Terps tie on today. I can't focus well. And let me assure you that it's not out of fear of the result of the game. I truly and honestly believe that the Terps will beat Davidson. It's just that this tournament means so much to the diehard fans of the teams that are in it. I totally forgot how much I missed not being a part of this the past two years. I really am at a loss of words which is rare for me, but this is truly another of those times where I feel so bad for people who go to schools that don't field teams eligible to compete in this tourney. Out of all the teams that I am a fan of, I feel that I have more emotional energy and more of a bond to the Terp basketball team than any of these other teams because of the total devotion I had to them when I was a student at College Park, the road trips I took to follow them, and the hours upon hours I spent with J-Red and Brien camping out in Cole. Despite the nerves, it's damn good to be back and be a part of this thing. In some ways, the purgatory of the last two NIT seasons was good, because I had forgotten how much I live for this time of year.

Not a very substantive post, but I had to get this out there.


March 14, 2007

Your Final Four....

Without further adieu, here are your Final Four this season:

Oregon (3)
Kansas (1)
Georgetown (2)
Ohio State (1)

Also given consideration: Florida (1), UCLA (2), Texas (4), UNC (1), TAMU (3), Notre Dame (6) and Maryland (4).

American Idol Ford Commercial

I normally try to leave the American Idol commenting to J-Red and Jeremy (not that I don't watch Idol, I just don't normally have a whole lot to say about it), but I had to say something about one of the commercials tonight.

Every week Ford films a commercial with the remaining contestants singing a song, mugging for the camera, and driving a Ford. It's campy and cheesy and exactly what you'd expect from an American car company trying to reach a younger audience.

This week, however, the song the contestants sang for the Ford commercial was Modest Mouse's Float On. For some reason, that cracked me up. Modest Mouse used to be a relatively obscure indie band. Their fans were the kind of people who are cool because they like bands you've never heard of. In 2004, they became mainstream successful, no doubt pissing off a large portion of their hipster fan base.

The indignity of liking a band with a chart topping modern rock hit is nothing compared to what happened tonight. I can just imagine a Modest Mouse fan (who liked them before they were cool, goddammit!!!!) sitting at home and channel surfing (because they would never actually watch Idol) and coming across the Idol contestants riding around in a Ford singing Float On. It makes me giggle just thinking about it. Do these look like the sort of guys who would be happy selling out to Ford?

Idol Recap and Sopranos Update

So yeah, Idol is down to their Final 12. They could cut it to four right now. Only Jordin, Melinda, Lakisha (Kiki which is a dog's name is evidently her new nickname), and Stephanie have a legitimate chance of winning. It would save me a lot of DVR the next few weeks.

But there are a few train wrecks that are fun to watch. Sanjaya really does have the Spellbound concept working for him that I theorized well before it became a popular theory (millions of Indians internationally are calling in to vote for him (Spellbound it was being paid to pray), as well as the entire Indian community in the US. And not Indian like J-Red. J-Red is "Native American." Minor point of clarification.) It's fun to just watch the judge's try to think of something... anything... to say after the kid performs. Brandon sounds like somebody who you would hear performing on a cruise ship. Haley is HOT and that's about the only reason she's still around. Too bad she probably cost herself some votes last night by talking about how she was going to be thinking about her fiancee while she sang her song. If I was her fiancee, I'd be a little disconcerted by the fact that she sang it off-key and flat. Phil is like the bipolar person who you never know if they'll be manic or depressive... you never know if he'll perform totally on key or totally and horrendously off key. Chris Richardson would win if this was that old ABC reality show where the winners formed a boy band (didn't we get O-Town and the hit single "All or Nothing" out of that show?) Gina is looking better and better each week, and I find her attractive despite what J-Red says about her long face. But she's not Kelly Clarkson, she never will be, and she doesn't want to be, and therefore she's in the wrong competition. And the other two aren't really worth my time on commenting. And to my fiancee who reads this blog faithfully... remember our deal... I'm allowed to look at people and find people attractive, as are you :-) Just don't tell me you find Sanjaya attractive. Otherwise we're through.

Final prediction... Melinda will take it because she's more marketable. Lakisha has a stunningly powerful voice and would do better to lose Idol and not be indentured to them for years, as she could walk out right now and get a soul/gospel/R&B record deal. Melinda has a tremendously soulful voice and the "aw shucks" personality that America will love. Plus, she's "non threatening," as one of my friends described, which will sell well in Middle America.

Alright, saw a story about the shoot of the final scene of The Sopranos on ET Weekly. Yeah, last season was a bit of a dud except for the first and last episodes. But man... this is the final season, you KNOW it's going to be insane, and I can literally think of about 20 different ways this show could end. I am psyched for this season to begin, I know I'm going to be furious at loose ends when it does wrap for good, and I will definitely feel a void at the end of the season knowing that it's gone for good. But The Wire is still the best show on HBO. Hands down.

The Ultimate Dagger

Alright... so here is my pain. Maryland plays tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:20. Once a month, the New Practitioner's section of the Montgomery County Bar hosts a lunch in a particular judge's chambers, where the judge is supposed to entertain, give a presentation, talk to new lawyers, etc. Well it just so happens that this Thursday, ten minutes after tipoff of the Maryland game, the judge who I work for is hosting this month's lunch. It was made fairly evident to me by the opinions of a few people who I work with that I kind of have to be there to support my judge. I do serve at the pleasure of the Judge, after all. So yes, I will be missing the entire first half of the Terps game (and the second half unless I can find a friendly judge's chamber to watch it).

Now for the pain... it's been three years since the Terps were in the tourney. I have that usual irrational fear about my team's game, even though we are a 4-seed playing a 13-seed, and I truly believe despite Davidson having the son of a former NBA player on their team, that we'll win by 20 (what the hell does that really mean anyway? it's not like the washed up NBA guy who had a great career as the second-best guy on whatever team he was on is going to suit up). This really hurts. I think I might buy one of those Secret Service earpieces and have it tuned to WMAL for the lunch. I can smile when others in the room are smiling, laugh when others in the room are laughing, and not have a clue what is being said.

In the words of Steve Buckhantz:


March 13, 2007


I worry going in to every Maryland game, but here's why I'm not as worried about Davidson as I would normally be: we haven't been to the tournament in 2 years.

Announcers always talk about how great tournament experience is, and for a lot of teams, that's probably true. But for our team, the fact that only the seniors have ever played in the NCAAs is a good thing because it means they'll be hungrier.

We have traditionally played our worst games when we overlook opponents. I think this year that's not as big of a concern because our seniors know how hard it is to make it to the tournament and that will rub off on our underclassmen.

First Four Layers of Hell???

Dayton, Fresno, Greensboro, Dallas. The first four places Satan will send you? No, the womens' regionals. I can't imagine the pride one would have battling out of the Fresno regional.

Here's a good idea. The men ditched city names, after a one-year experiment, in favor of the traditional regions. Let's stick to the failed idea with the girls. Maybe it just didn't catch on. And keeping a failed idea in the ladies side will make it catch like wildfire. Yeah.....

I like to go places, and I'd quit a job that sent me to two of those cities in a calendar year.

Good news! It's a suppository!

If you get the subject title, leave a comment.

I heard King Gary on 105.7 WHFS, home of the Baltimore Orioles, this evening. I'm no longer concered about Davidson. Reasons why:

1) We're the trendy 13-4 upset. There is a 13-4 upset four times every five years. (Alternative way of stating the same: 4 seeds wins 80% of the time) Virginia is a 4 seed. If 4 seeds win 80% of the time, the odds of one losing are 20% or 1 in 5. The odds of TWO losing are 4%, or 1 in 25. If you assume we rule and Virginia is Maryland's Mexico, then we have a good shot.

2) We're not overlooking Davidson.

3) We're the trendy 13-4 upset. That means all our players know we're the trendy upset. In the years P.G.M., or post George Mason, the experts feel like they have to pick a double-digit seed to create chaos. Good news: It ain't Davidson.

4) Lefty took Davidson to the Elite Eight twice. That's twice more than he took us to McDonalds. His son owes us.

5) Davidson is in NC. We own NC.

March 12, 2007

Bracket Advice

I never win my pool, so take this with a grain of salt. My new strategy this year is to pick more chalk, and pay attention to a new angle for me: tip-off time.

For example, Maryland plays at 12:20p on Thursday in eastern time. I can't remember the last time we played that early. I checked, the last 2p was Jan. 13 against Clemson and the last 1p was December 31 against Siena. Both games were at home. The only recent tip-off time we had prior to 3p was the first round of the ACC Tournament...yeah...

I can't find the start times for Davidson's games, except that their last regular game was at 1p. They've almost certainly played more recently than we have. They also have the added "benefit" of being rightly pissed that their 48 RPI earned them a 13 seed. The 10, 11 and 12 seeds in the Midwest actually have worse RPIs.

So we'll be rusty, playing too early in the day, and playing a pissed-off team on a neutral court. We'll still win (Duke 75, Davidson 47 back on Nov. 25), but don't be surprised if we look ugly doing it.

Breaking Down the Brackets...

My hat goes off to Mike Hall, last seen winning the hit ESPN show "Dream Job." Talk about living the dream... the man got to host the ESPN NIT Selection Show last night! He really is working his way on up only three years after his glorious win on that program. Anyway, on to the brackets...

In the north, you gotta like the in-state matchup in the first round between Mississippi State and Mississippi Valley State. Should be a great game given that the only thing separating each school from the other is a "valley." Nevertheless, there will be lots of the letters "s, "i" and "p" on the floor that evening. Michigan, the two-time reigning kings of the NIT, will have trouble continuing their dominance, despite Tommy Amaker's coaching brilliance. Utah State is a sleeper from out west and if the Blue get past them, they will have to face Al Thornton and the F$U Seminoles. Out of this bracket, I go with F$U.

In the east, you have to wonder if Sidney Lowe's red blazer will continue to be a good luck charm for the Wolfpack. If so, figure them to be the team with the lowest amount of wins to ever make the Final Four. West Virginia must be proud to be starting the tourney against the MEAC powerhouse Delaware State. This should be a big draw in Morgantown... of local chapters of the Aryan Brotherhood. I hope that Kevin Pittsnogle is present, showing his pride for his former school, only made better if he shows up in the same white tux with tophat and tails that he wore to his Appalachian-themed wedding.

In the west, if Air Force's players can keep their hands off the cheerleaders from the other schools, they should be the pick to make the Final Four. I like Vermont to pull the upsets and make it to the Elite 8.

In the south, look for Syracuse to pull a "Maryland" and mail it in the first round against South Alabama. Clemson is a paper tiger in this bracket (no pun intended), and I think Missouri State can go ahead and pack their bags for a trip to New York for the Final Four!

So your Final Four... F$U, NC State, Air Force, and Missouri State. We'll all be on pins and needles until this year's champion is crowned in the mecca of sports, Madison Square Garden, on March 29.

... what's that my producers are telling me??? Maryland isn't in the NIT this year? They made the NCAA Tourney as a 4 seed???? Well then, this is all pretty irrelevant, isn't it? Quick gut-reaction breakdown is an easy win over Davidson who will quite simply be outmatched by Maryland's bigs and guards. A very tough game over Butler if they win, or a fairly easy ride against ODU if they win (I'm still torn on this game). Then I see the Terps bowing out in the Sweet 16 against Florida. It's too bad. I really was starting to enjoy that NIT thing.