September 6, 2011

Finally, A Clear Layman's Guide to Understanding American Football

I have been frustrated by the lack of a single, clear guide to American football written for the person who has only a passing familiarity with the game. I understand - the NFL and college football have become near pathological obsessions for the majority of American men, and a decent chunk of women as well. We have reached the point where not having a passing knowledge of how the game is played can actually have a negative impact on your career potential, appeal as a romantic partner, or even your marriage.

I took the time to create what I believe is the best basic guide to understanding American football. Rather than forcing the vocabulary that has never worked, especially the cursed downs and penalties, I wanted to give people who are new to the game a basic understanding that will allow a basic understanding of why people are running in the direction they are running. Yes, it is 76 slides, with some nice illustrations and images thrown in. No, I have no commercial purpose for this (and I believe we no longer have paying advertisers since this blog has been pretty well defunct for a while - fair use, perhaps?)

Please enjoy it, and share it with your mother, girlfriend, wife, awkward work friend, first- or second-generation immigrant, sheltered nerd, or print it and give it to the Amish. Like it or not, knowing football is a required life skill in the United States.

Permalink to the guide HERE. (PDF)