November 6, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 9

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A big bye week around the NFL leads to havoc for fantasy football owners and less games to choose from on the Board. Vegas continues to make life difficult with some very big spreads.

Brien (21-18-1)

An 0-5 week, ouch. Good thing I built up such a big lead on everyone else. I'm also glad I didn't actually bet those picks at my online sportsbook, although I do plan to do some sports betting online with these picks.

Baltimore (-3) over CINCINNATI - I'm really still not a believer in the Bengals. And last week the Ravens showed that when they're on, they're very tough to beat.

Detroit (+10) over SEATTLE - The Seahawks aren't good enough to give 10 points to anyone.

INDIANAPOLIS (-9) over Houston - The Colts are the quietest 7-0 team I've ever seen.

NY GIANTS (-4.5) over San Diego - This is close to a must-win for the Giants after dropping 3 straight.

PHILADELPHIA (-3) over Dallas - The Eagles look really good.

Jason (19-21-0)

I hope I can get some positive traction since Brien seems to refuse to run away with this.

PHILADELPHIA (-3) over Dallas
- There is just too much dissension in Dallas for a tough road trip.

NY GIANTS (-4.5) over San Diego - The Chargers are simply mediocre.

Pittsburgh (-3) over Denver - I think the Ravens planted a lot of seeds of doubt in Denver last week.

NEW ENGLAND (-10.5) over Miami
- Brady is catching fire.

Baltimore (-3) over CINCINNATI - Their backs are still against the wall. A season sweep by the Bengals ends the Ravens playoff hopes.

Jeremy (16-24-0)

Hoping Brien pays as much attention to his fantasy team this week as he did his picks last week... Let me try to snap my losing streak by going with all home teams.

CINCINNATI (+3) over Baltimore - A HUGE game for the NFC North. Ravens looked terrific last week, but Carson Palmer is no Kyle Orton.

INDIANAPOLIS (-9) over Houston - Look for the Colts to get out ahead early and for Schaub to have to throw the ball.

CHICAGO (-3) over Arizona - The Bears have fattened up some on some easy opponents, but Kurt Warner v. 2009 is beginning to look dangerously like Kurt Warner v. 2006.

SEATTLE (-10) over Detroit - Detroit has to travel west and this is a team that handed St. Louis a win last week. I'll give up the heavy dose of points.

SAN FRANCISCO (-4.5) over Tennessee - Kind of surprised this line is this low. I guess Vegas just doesn't trust Alex Smith yet. Can't really blame them.

Magic 8 Ball (14-26-0)
CINCINNATI (+3) over Baltimore - "Signs point to yes." (Bengals will beat the spread)
Houston (+9) over INDIANAPOLIS - "Don't count on it." (Colts won't beat the spread)
Arizona (+3) over CHICAGO
- "No." (Bears won't beat the spread)
Detroit (+10) over SEATTLE
- "My answer is no." (Seahawks won't beat the spread)
SAN FRANCISCO (-4.5) over Tennessee
- "My sources say yes." (49ers will beat the spread)

Russell (19-20-1)
It's not often you can go 1-4 and still gain ground. Here's hoping we all do better this week.

Green Bay (-9.5) over TAMPA BAY
- The Bucs are almost as bad as they were when they wore the orange unis.

SEATTLE (-10) over Detroit
- If the Lions can lose to the Rams, they can definitely lose in Seattle by 10.

SAN FRAN (-4.5) over Tenn
- One week is not enough to make me think the Titans are decent again.

ATLANTA (-10) over Washington
- Picking against the Skins has been pretty consistently a good idea this year.

Houston (+9) over INDIANAPOLIS
- The Colts have a minimal home field advantage in their new stadium and the loss of Sanders is huge. Also, the Texans are quietly a decent team.

Jeremy: CHI, CIN, IND, SEA, SF
Russell: GB, ATL, SF, SEA, HOU

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November 4, 2009

College Football Picks - Week 10

I feel the need to take this opportunity to gripe about this week's schedule. The Thursday night games are N Illinois vs directional Michigan, Temple and Miami OH, and VT at ECU. Did MLB bribe ESPN to show crappy games during Game 7 of the World Series because MLB needs the extra ad revenue since savvy sports watchers would have been flipping between games? Then, we get Boise AGAIN on Friday. If the Broncos don't make the BCS, it won't be because of a lack of exposure. I count at least 4 nationally televised games already, and I'd bet we'll all see their game vs Nevada too. And Saturday's lineup features a whopping 2 games between top 25 teams...

Virginia Tech (-13) over ECU - The Hokies will bounce back from last week's debacle.

ALABAMA (-7.5) over Lsu - It won't take many points to cover when LSU's inept offense struggles against one of the nation's best D's. Remember the Florida at LSU game, 13-3?

PENN ST (-4) over THE Osu - The Buckeyes have been overrated all year, and PSU has the talent to expose them.

NC ST (-6.5) over Maryland - The Terps have covered in 2 straight road losses. Even though State lost to Duke, I still think they're better and will beat MD by more than 4.

Oklahoma (-5.5) over NEBRASKA - Rivalry or not, the relevant stat is 8. That's the number of turnovers Nebraska had against Iowa State's stifling defense in Lincoln. What's going to happen when OU rolls into town?

Oregon (-6.5) over STANFORD - The Cardinal are a decent team, but as long as Oregon stays focused, they win this easily.

Florida State (+8.5) over CLEMSON - The Noles have enough offense to keep this close.

Last week: 4-5
Season: 32-33