September 9, 2010

College Football Picks - Week 2

The primetime games in Week 1 sure didn't disappoint in excitement, let's hope Week 2 can come close to living up to its hype. There should be no lack of good games, as premier inter-conference matchups between ranked teams are balanced by interested divisional matchups in the SEC, among others. Let's see how much we learned from last week. I know not to trust the ACC in big games until proven wrong.

SOUTH CAROLINA (-3) over Georgia - The Dawgs' rookie QB will make his first road start Sat against a very solid D, and without his best WR. Coupled with the experience of Garcia on the other side, I expect a Cocks victory.

Michigan (+4) over NOTRE DAME - I think RichRod finally has a capable team, and Brian Kelly's bunch hasn't worked all the kinks out yet in the new schemes.

ALABAMA (-11.5) over Penn St - A true freshman QB on the road against Nick Saban's D, need I say more?

OKLAHOMA (-7.5) over Florida St - Landry Jones is a year older and wiser. Don't let last week fool you.

OHIO ST (-8.5) over Miami Fl - The Buckeyes will shut down the Canes offense enough to allow Pryor and the offense to take over.

Last week: 4-1-1


gpb said...


SoCar -3 gag
LSU -10 Vandy
Michigan +4 ND
BYU +1 Air Force
Oregon -12 Tennessee

gpb said...

Since I won't feel like looking back at scores later this week to figure it out and I did it now.