September 24, 2009

College Football Picks - Week 4

Enthused by an excellent week 3, even better than week 2 was bad, I'm ready to sweep this week's picks! The only problem is that I really don't like this week's spreads. Also, there aren't many big games this week, so get your excitement where you can find it.

Ole Miss (-4) over SOUTH CAROLINA - There are so many question marks going into this game... Will Snead look like last year or like Week 1 vs Memphis? Will the 'Cocks D play like they did vs NCSt or vs UGA? Will Garcia continue to progress as a young QB, or regress? I'm taking Ole Miss on the basis that a top 5 team should beat an unranked team. Plus Ole Miss should be a little more rested, and Nutt always has some tricks up his sleeve. The Rebels are the more talented team.

Wake Forest (+1) over BOSTON COLLEGE - You have to like the experience of senior QB Riley Skinner and a Wake team that's already played close games with Baylor and Stanford. Plus BC hasn't really found a QB yet. Posting 7 pts at Clemson didn't impress me much.

CLEMSON (-2.5) over Tcu - I know TCU has one of the best defenses in the nation, but the athletic ability of Clemson will lead them to victory in what I expect to be a low scoring game.

Rutgers (-1.5) over MARYLAND - I'm still waiting for the Terps to show me something. Anything...? Guess who's first on the waiting list of Bottom 10 this week?

Miami (-3) over VIRGINIA TECH - The Hokies have looked mortal this year, and the Canes appear to be back to Butch Davis form. This could be the real coming out party for Jacory Harris.

That's right I'm picking all ACC games (except the Thursday night which I try to pick every week), and I'm not picking the Tech game because I can't truly believe that we're this much worse than last year.

Last week: 6-1
Season: 12-10

5 Responses:

gpb said...

Ole Miss -4 South Carolina. Rebels look solid and the Gamecocks just aren't. Under/over on Spurrier's hat throws?

Clemson -2.5 TCU. Horned Toads won't contain Spiller.

Cal -5.5 Oregon. Best looks dominate. Oregon isn't a bad team either but I don't think they can keep up.

Washington +7.5 Stanford. I don't think their performance against the Spartans was a fluke. Stanford lost to Wake.

LSU -12.5 Miss State. After the scorching win 15-3 against Vandy, you have to wonder about their offense.

FSU -14 USF. They crushed BYU and have to be fired up. I think they can cover here.

I thought the Colorado State +17 BYU spread was interesting. They've gotten a quite a few picks this season so far. I would wonder if they could get lucky against BYU. But it wasn't against strong opponents.

My picks last week were on par with Kanye West's recent public successes. This week was tough too but I think there are more gems outside the ACC.

Last week: 3-6
Season: 8-11

gpb said...

Gah! USC Trojans. Michigan State Spartans. Cursed Greeks!!!!!!

HornedFrogs said...

First and foremost... you haven't seen speed until you have played TCU. For the past 5 years, every team, BCS and non-BCS has labled TCU as the fastest team they have played. TCU plays best as labled the underdog, so hold onto your seat as they will show the East Coast how true football is played.

Justin said...

Are you sure you want to say "and the Canes appear to be back to Butch Davis form?" Weren't the Canes 1-5 against VT under Butch?

Russell said...

What I meant was national championship level... I find it hard to believe that the great Miami teams with Ken Dorsey, etc. lost to VT that much. I'll have to check that out.

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