October 15, 2010

College Football Picks - Week 7

Last week would have been outstanding if I hadn't expected too much out of both teams the week after the Alabama-Florida showdown. I said earlier in the year that I expected SC to win the SEC East, and I should have stuck to my guns. Anyway, on to this week's picks:

NEBRASKA (-9.5) over Texas - The Huskers have made some decent competition look terrible, including blowouts against Washington and K State. Texas does not appear good enough to stop them, especially on the road in a grudge matchup from last year's conference championship.

Iowa (-3) over MICHIGAN - By far the best D that Shoelace has seen so far. The Wolverines D will once again be the difference, in a bad way.

Oregon St (+1) over WASHINGTON - Back-to-back road wins is a tough ask, but Oregon St is improving and still much better than they're being given credit for. Their two losses are to Boise St and TCU, both on the road, and they just beat Arizona on the road.

Ohio St (-3.5) over WISCONSIN - I expect the Buckeyes to be very unhappy about their projected #5 spot in the BCS. This might get ugly. The Badgers are too one-dimensional, and have struggled against the only good opposition they've played (Arizona St, Mich St).

AUBURN (-4) over Arkansas - The Razorbacks struggle on the road, and the Tigers will be too physical for them over the course of the game.

Last week: 5-3
Overall: 22-13-2


gpb said...

No week 8 up yet and I'll forget otherwise.

VT -26.5 Duke
Pitt -13 Rutgers
SoCar -12.5 Vandy
West Mich -7 Zips
Nebraska -5.5 OK st
Bama -16.5 Tenn
LSU +6 Auburn

gunu kumar said...

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