October 29, 2010

College Football Picks - Week 9

A little more time to make this week's picks should lead to a better result. I'm planning to spend all day on the couch watching so let's see where all the excitement will be.

Clemson (-7) over BOSTON COLLEGE - As long as the Tiggers don't implode on the road and turn the ball over repeatedly, this should be an easy cover. Clemson manages to lose games they shouldn't surprisingly often.

IOWA (-6.5) over Michigan St - Not quite sure what to make of this spread. Sparty beat the Badgers, the Badgers beat Iowa (even if it was thanks to a fake punt). Iowa has looked really good at times, but has also managed to lose twice already. This game being at Iowa is a big deal, I think the Hawkeyes pull this one out and fairly decisively.

Kentucky (+6.5) over MISS ST - The Bulldogs have struggled to score all year and have been turnover-prone. The Wildcats are certainly inconsistent but one good half from them might be enough to win or at least cover, and the Cats won't quit (see the SC game).

Auburn (-7) over MISS - The Rebels are shockingly terrible this year.

GEORGIA (-2.5) over Florida - 4 weeks ago, Florida would have been a prohibitive favorite, but the Dawgs have turned it on, and the Gators haven't shown anything resembling an offense.

Oklahoma St (-5) over K ST - I still think the Cowboys are a really good team, even if they couldn't stop Martinez. The Cowboys' offense didn't struggle against what's supposed to be a good Huskers D.

Michigan (-3) over PENN ST - The freshman QB continues to struggle and no offense equals no wins for the Nittany Lions. See losses to Illinois and Iowa, for example. This is true even against the Wolverines porous D.

USC (+6.5) over Oregon - I'm buying into the hype about this being their bowl game. They certainly have the athletes to compete with the Ducks, and I think this game could look similar to the Stanford-USC game where neither team could stop the other in the 2nd half.

Last week: 2-4 (disappointing)
Season: 26-19-3


ErinPDX said...

Hahaha, the Ducks kicked ASS!

gpb said...

Last week: 4-3
Season now: 27-19-2

Picking early because I'm picking a Wednesday and Thursday game. I even give a rare bit of commentary.

Rutgers +10 USF
VT -12.5 GT - This game is do or die for the Jackets. But I don't think we have what it takes to run our offense against a quite talented team. Our receivers aren't stepping up and the O-line is failing.
NC State +3 Clemson
Terps +8.5 Miami (if Harris does not start)
Ball State -13.5 Zips
Utah +5 TCU
BC -3 Wake

Gloria said...

Happy new year to you and all of your readers!