March 16, 2010

Brien's Bracket

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Feel free to mock.  I put a lot of weight on the Big East this year.  It seemed to be by far the toughest conference to me, despite what Sagarin says about the Big 12.

5 Responses:

gpb said...

So how does Robbie Hummel's ACL tear or Arinze Onuaku's knee sprain effect your picks for Purdue and Syracuse respectively? I didn't come across this news until today.

Brien said...

Umm, it hurts them, I guess? Are you looking for real analysis? Because by now you should know better than to think you'll find that here :)

gpb said...

I was just curious given that you've got Cuse winning it all. I've got Siena eliminating Purdue.

FF: Kansas, KState, Kentucky, Duke
Kentucky over Kansas

As for real analysis, no one knows what'll happen. I was just curious about your picks in comparison to mine. Right now, the Nova pick is looking regrettable.

Besides, I'm the guy that called us to lose to UNC but said if things went well, would lose to Duke in the finals. I guess there's something to be said for covering your bases.

ellen said...

Hey, Brien! Thought I'd pop on by and see your famous site. This chart reminds me of the old days, when you and my guys spent hours and days drawing out sports charts, facts, statistics--some things never change : )
Pretty cool!
Aunt Ellen

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