February 6, 2010

Russ Grimm, Hogs, Don't Belong In the Hall

Russ Grimm has just been elected to Pro Football's Hall of Fame. He'll stand beside Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice.

Russ Grimm=Emmitt Smith=Jerry Rice?

Hell no. He never did.

The Hall was faced with a problem. The Redskins' "Hogs" deserve to be enshrined, but no one of them earned it. The Ravens have a "Colts" entry in their Ring of Honor. It includes, if I remember correctly, eight numbers.

That was the correct resolution for the Hogs. The problem is that the HOF voting is very well defined. There is no room for cutesy picks. The selectors were tasked with picking none (the correct choice) or one (Grimm was not the best player, but he was also a head coach).

They chose to shit the bed and pick the dude who had two jobs.

So for two years in a row, un-derserving Redskins will be "enshrined" while better players languish.

8 Responses:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cris carter should be in the hall all day before trash russ grim.

"ben" said...

H.O.F.s aren't what I thought they were when I was a kid. The baseball H.O.F. either lets in too many, or not enough. (I think too many, although I no longer care.)

As a Redskin fan, I'm happy for any Redskin to get in. But I'm not enough of an NFL expert to pass judgment on who should get in and who shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

2 years in a row huh? Get your facts straight before you go on an ill advised rant

Anonymous said...

...hahahahaha, moron!

J-Red said...

HILARIOUS! Because "year of enshrinement" defeats my point.

My bad, two of the last three years have seem undeserving Skins inducted.

I am glad you agreed with me on the undeserving part, though.

J-Red said...

But I guess a Skins fan has to have a very short memory.

Anonymous said...

Just wait, Joe Jacoby will be enshrined, just to make your day @$$H0LE.

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