April 26, 2010

It’s Not Trembley’s Fault

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The Orioles suck this year, just like everyone expected.  They actually beat the Red Sox yesterday in extra innings, but that followed a blown 4 run lead. 

davetrembley_cropped How can we lose with the Priceline Negotiator at the helm?  (pic via Bleacher Report).

Yesterday’s victory brings this season’s win total to a whopping 3.  Honestly, one win per week is bad even for the Orioles.  To add insult to injury, the Nats are still flirting with .500. 

No one is really surprised by these results, though, so it seems crazy to blame any of this on Dave Trembley.  I am always opposed to the “blame the coach” attitude when bad teams lose.  Managerial changes cause a lot of instability, and in the Orioles’ case, it’s not going to really help anything. 

I’d much rather see the O’s stick with Trembley and continue nurturing the great core of young players (Roberts, Markakis, Jones, and Wieters).  Stop toying around with the team and just be patient.  That’s the only hope we can still cling to.

2 Responses:

gpb said...

Meh. It's April. Results are going to be whatever they are now. Prince Fielder's only hit one homer and for fantasy baseball it's upsetting but he should be fine otherwise.

The Nationals are going to be more competitive this year. I don't know how they beat the Dodgers but they pulled it off. And with the Braves and Mets looking like minor league teams, they better hope to strike as much as possible early.

Orioles are just going to struggle in the AL East. I think you guys would be better off pulling for a realignment of divisions than anything else.

ScarShoulders said...

The Nats are going to be ridiculous in a couple of years once Strasburg settles in and they have Bryce Harper behind the plate. The Os are just plain screwed in the AL East. They aren't as smart as the Rays and the don't have the money of the Yanks or Sox. Dead men walking. Every single year.

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