April 19, 2010

Quick Hits - April 19

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I watched a lot of sports this weekend, but nothing jumped out as deserving its own post.  So you know what that means, more bullet points!



  • Washington was very close to a major sports meltdown on Saturday if the Caps had gone down 0-2 to the Canadiens.
  • Caps fans are normally a bit more well-adjusted than the rest of the DC sports scene, but expectations are so high this year that an 0-2 deficit would have been a disaster.
  • You could see the fans in the stands starting to rationalize away the season when they were down 4-1.  “I knew this would happen!  They always choke in the playoffs!”
  • The Caps still have to win another 11 games to make the Stanley Cup Finals and have the season not be a complete disappointment.

F1 in China


  • Even with a little bit of rain, the Chinese GP didn’t live up to the last two races.
  • McLaren looked very strong, but some of that was due to a great call by Button to stay on dry tires early in the race.
  • Hamilton also looked very quick, maybe he’s breaking out of his early-season funk.
  • I still think Vettel is the favorite to win the drivers’ championship.
  • The new pit reporter on Speed, Will Buxton, isn’t nearly as good as Peter Windsor.  Hopefully he’ll improve with time, but he looked very uncomfortable on camera.

Maryland Lacrosse

maryland lacrosse

  • It took a season where the Blue Jays are under .500, but the Terps finally beat Johns Hopkins.
  • I was screaming at the television about Maryland’s time-killing strategy at the end of the game.  Instead of getting some insurance goals, they tried to eat clock and ended up letting Hopkins back into the game.
  • Now the ACC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament will really test the Terps.  They haven’t had great success against the best teams in the country, but now they have a chance to get some wins when it really counts.
  • Dave Pietramala looks like an asshole, doesn’t he?  I’m sure he’s a great coach and all, but I wouldn’t want to play for him.

2 Responses:

gpb said...

I thought it was a pretty interesting race at times but other parts were somewhat dull. The safety car really saved McLaren in the race though too.

Hamilton is walking a thin line and he's going to have to be penalized at some point. That's two strikes now with Petrov in Malaysia and Vettel in China (though Vettel is at fault as is the McLaren engineer that released him).

I do wonder about Hamilton/Button team strategy. That's two races where tire strategy has worked out in Button's favor and not Hamilton's.

I honestly don't know about Vettel being the favorite. A lot of the other teams are going to keep getting better. I think Force India (or Lotus, not that they matter) said they would have a bunch of new stuff for Spain. If it's Force India, they have a pretty competitive car and can take the fight to a couple of teams.

Will Buxton is boring. Westbury Gillett seemed to have no idea what he was doing. With USGPE selling off their assets, Windsor should just come back. The pits are lacking the usual sense of humor mixed with passion for the sport.

gpb said...

So one of my roommates told me two interesting things.

1: Apparently Button is calling his own tire strategy. So that does make the races Button one worth noting.

2: Bridgestone said Ferrari was the kindest team on tires. Button was second. Hamilton isn't close at all.

So it really does look like Hamilton is at a disadvantage to Button unless Hamilton can drive like a madman and consistently beat Button around the course by a second a lap. I really don't see that happening so I think Button will win the matchup, barring accidents and failures.

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