February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Picks

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Brien (4-6-0)
Amazingly, I got both conference championship picks right. Insert something about a stopped clock.

INDIANAPOLIS (-4.5) over New Orleans - As much as the Saints have been the darlings of the football world this year, Peyton and the Colts have had an incredibly dominant season. We'll always have to wonder what could have been if Bill Polian wasn't such a pussy about resting his players late in the season.

Jason (2-7-0)

Well, the playoffs were dismal for me because I kept seeing cracks in teams that weren't really there. I don't see any real cracks in Indianapolis unless New Orleans and Brees can turn it into a true "score every possession" shootout from the opening kickoff on. If they ease into it like many recent Super Bowls, Manning will engineer his signature end-of-the-first-half drive and the momentum will go from there. Most likely the teams dance around each other a bit early, but the Colts eventually pull 10 points clear.

Also, I left my Saints hat at work.

Soo...INDIANAPOLIS (-4.5) over New Orleans, though I wish it weren't so.

Jeremy (5-5-0)

Unlike Brien, I lost both conference championship games. If I'd actually been betting, I would've bought the extra half point in the Vikes-Saints game to at least get me a push.

INDIANAPOLIS (-4.5) over New Orleans - A Dwight Freeney playing at 50% or less could have a major impact on this game. That said, Peyton Manning has enjoyed two weeks to watch video of how to pick apart a truly suspect Saints secondary. It's true that the Colts don't have much of a running attack, but they have just enough to keep the Saints honest and keep some long, sustained drives going that will exhaust the Saints defense. I'm thinking a 10-14 point margin of victory in this one. Which is truly unfortunate because you can't help but root for the Saints. And Peyton is about to become one rich guy. Your other good bet... take the under. 56.5 points?!?! The Colts enjoy walks on the beach and long, time consuming drives.

Russell (4-6-0):

Well, everyone loves Indy to win this game, and for good reason. But the entire South is behind the Saints, and I can't help but jump on their bandwagon. They've played well in every big game this year, and did just enough to beat the Vikings, who were probably the 3rd best team this year (definitely better than the Jets). So...

New Orleans (+4.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
- Let's just say that I want to see the parade. Plus I copied Jeremy's picks earlier in the postseason, and vowed not to do it again the rest of the year, so I'm kind of obligated to go against him. Besides, how many times this year have the four of us agreed on a pick and it actually have been right? Zero?

Brien: IND
Jason: IND
Jeremy: IND
Russell: NO

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