September 20, 2009

Coach Zorn, Redskins Suck at Math

If you are up 9-7, and the opposing team has NO F-ING TIME OUTS, and you are in chip shot range, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KICK THE F-ING FIELD GOAL. Twice, TWICE, in the 4th quarter the Skins went for 4th and short within field goal range while only up 2. The first time was barely understandable. The second time made NO sense.

When the Rams stopped the Skins on the second attempt, giving them the ball needing only a field goal with over a minute left, Zorn looked nauseous. He should have actually puked. How can a coach not realize the difference between being up 2 and being up 5? Zorn changed the equation from needing to put together a full touchdown drive to just needing to get to the 35-yard-line.

Instead Coach Zorn chose to give the Rams a shot to win. I mean he literally evaluated his options and CHOSE TO KEEP THE RAMS IN THE GAME. Other than Art Shell, I have never seen more ridiculous decision-making.

4 Responses:

Nikhil Verma said...

To play devils advocate- On the other hand, if he makes the first down (or gets a TD), all of this is mute. This is an issue because the offense couldn't get a first down.

Worse, I think was the play called. Everyone could have seen that play coming. The Rams sniffed it out.

Loren Smith said...

I think Zorn was right to go for it, both times, and I wrote a post attempting to break it down:

I hope Snyder doesn't fire him.

Anonymous said...

This team is the most embarassing team in the NFL. Trade Danny Boy Zorn and Cambell then maybe we can build a team. They are choking DOGS.

Anonymous said...


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