September 25, 2009

TMQ Rejoinder - Week 2


Stats of the Week No. 1: Drew Brees is on pace to throw 72 touchdown passes this season. The NFL record, held by Tom Brady, is 50.

Stats of the Week No. 2: New Orleans is on pace to score 744 points this season. The NFL record, held by New England, is 589.

Isn’t it a bit early to start doing season-long projections and comparisons to all time records?

Stat of the week No. 57: There are 10 teams on pace to go undefeated this season!  In the history of the NFL, there have only been 2 undefeated regular seasons!

Obama Gives Too Many Speeches

Ugh, I can’t even bring myself to go into this one.  Suffice to say that TMQ goes on for 7 long paragraphs about how the president is talking in public too much instead of “governing.”  All the political stuff is insufferable, and I can’t believe any of his readers care about that nonsense.

I’m losing steam on this whole enterprise, so we’ll see if it returns next week.  If not, there will be some other new content in its place.

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