April 17, 2008

Baltimore Looking Very Smart These Days

First, the oft-mocked Orioles. Miguel Tejada decided to get something off his chest today. He announced that he's actually two years older than what he originally told the Athletics. He's fooled baseball all these years, despite the fact his drivers license and green card both list his correct address. Note to teams: before you trade some good prospects for a hispanic player, CHECK HIS DRIVERS LICENSE. Tejada is actually almost 34, not almost 32. Since the Orioles traded Tejada his name has surfaced in the Mitchell Report, he has not performed particularly well, and he's older than he claimed to be. Great move O's!

Second, Terrell Suggs unexpectedly showed up at the Ravens minicamp. Suggs is the franchise player and is not under contract. He said that he has been on board with new coach John Harbaugh from day one and wanted to use the surprise appearance to let the coach know that. It looks like owner Steven Bisciotti's change of heart leading to Brian Billick's dismissal has been quite well-received by the team.

In other news, Steve McNair has decided to voluntarily free up some cap space by announcing his retirement. McNair was a big part of the Ravens 13-3 season in 2006. Unfortunately, he was also a big part of last season's disaster. It seems the parting is amicable, and I think most Ravens fans join me in wishing him a happy post-football career.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

There's a chance, albeit a very slim one, that we finally got Houston back for Glenn Davis.

KGoon1590 said...

Crazy time for Baltimore today.

The way I understand it, Miguel's father just got a bit behind in filling out the paper work. Just a year or two behind.

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