April 17, 2008

Post 1000: Commenter Appreciation

It's hard to believe, but in a little over a year, East Coast Bias has reached 1000 posts. I think I speak for all of us when I say that this little side project of ours has far surpassed our expectations.

All of that success is due to you, our readers, and particularly to the commenters. What makes ECB special is the fact that we have such an active commenter community. We rarely see a post go by without at least a few comments.

So we're dedicating our 1000th post to you, our commenters. We appreciate everyone who has ever left a comment, but we'd like to specifically thank our frequent commenters:

  • "ben"
  • big tuna
  • Nic (who we recently discovered is our only frequent female commenter)
  • Anonymous (the Lions fan)
  • Anonymous (the Duke fan/HIMMMMYYYYY guy)
  • Dean
  • kgoon1590
  • michael
I'm sure I'm missing someone, but if I did, know that we read and appreciate every comment.

Thanks again, and we'll try to make the next 1000 posts even better.

7 Responses:

J-Red said...

Don't forget Dewey, who turned us on to Yardbarker.

Of course, I was totally against throwing all of these Schrutebags (n. sycophantic douchebag, see Schrute, Dwight) any recognition. I was overruled by the other three.

michael said...

Thanks for the dap!

"ben" said...

Wow, it's like fan appreciation day! Are you guys going to stay late and sign autographs?

Sadly, my number of comments will likely dwindle. I started a new job today in an office with people and I will be unable to check ECB every five minutes. But I'll still make an effort.

Nic said...


You guys fill up the time in between work and college. So keep on keeping on.

KGoon1590 said...

Congrats, you guys are riding high. I should really get back on the blogging horse...

Dean said...

Congratulations on the "M", guys! Keep up the great work.

big tuna said...

Congrats guys. I have really enjoyed your blog. As a midwesterner who has not spent a lot of time on the east coast I have discovered that you guys aren't that different than us. I mean, we would never leave a close game early, but that is about the only difference I have noticed.

And womens basketball. I am not sure that has ever made a blog over here.

Anyway, congrats again and keep up the good work.

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