April 15, 2008

Pats Win SOS Lottery, Get Home Field Now

Well, if the Patriots weren't already the favorites to have home-field advantage for the playoffs, they are now. The Patriots have the easiest schedule in the entire league, based on last year's records. The Patriots' opponents won less than 40% of their games last year. The Chargers have the second easiest schedule, while the Steelers, Colts, and Jaguars will all have to fight for every win. Look for a rematch of last year's AFC Championship in Foxboro.

This is the only Patriots picture that eased my pain.

The Patriots and the rest of the AFC East will play the AFC West and the NFC West. This means they have the Dolphins (x2), Raiders, Chiefs, Rams, Jets (x2) and 49ers. That's right, the Pats play 6 of the 7 worst teams from last year, and those teams comprise 8 of their 16 games. I'm not ready to give the Pats the Super Bowl or anything, but it's hard to imagine them losing many of those games. Then figure in the Broncos, Cardinals, and Bills (all at NE), and the record's pretty good. To be fair, the Pats rolled through the NFC East and AFC North last year, but at least that was a little bit more of a challenge. For comparison, the Steelers and Colts' opponents averaged more than 9.5 wins last year. Slight difference...

9 Responses:

"ben" said...

So is J-Red on vacation or actually working at work?

All this football coverage and no commentary from the man who knows everything, especially when it comes to the NFL.

Plus, we have Idol tonight and NO PREVIEW!


"ben" said...

ACC-Big Ten Challenge

Wed. Dec 3
Michigan at Maryland

Can you please get me tickets?

J-Red said...

I do know everything, but I was with Jeremy at ethics training in D.C. It sucked.

Jeremy said...

What whaaaat? Maryland drew Michigan in the Big 10 Challenge? God we've fallen far. Don't you all normally play North Carolina A&T; or something?

"ben" said...

I didn't know North Carolina A&T; was in the ACC.

I'm really not sure how they came up with that matchup. I thought the games were determined by where everyone was in the standings.

Michigan finished tied for 9th. Maryalnd finished 6th.

"ben" said...

By the way, Michigan owns Maryland. 3-2 all time record. I'm not sure if we still get credit for all three of those wins (i.e. did Webber play in any of those games).

I still remember the last matchup. If you had only spotted us 30 points to start the game, we would have made it close.

J-Red said...

Jeremy stole my first thought. I had to double-check the standings. I couldn't believe we were really THAT bad last season.

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