April 30, 2008

Which Former Sports Star has a Hidden Sex Tape?

After news came out this week that Vivid Entertainment will release a Jimi Hendrix sex tape (link is SFW), I started wondering which old sports stars are most likely to have a grainy sex tape discovered.

Most Likely

  1. Joe Namath - Come on, between the pantyhose ad and the Suzy Kolber thing, is there really any doubt that a sex tape featuring a drunken Broadway Joe is out there somewhere
  2. Joe DiMaggio - Since we already know that Marilyn Monroe had a thing for being filmed in the act, there's a good chance Joltin' Joe was caught on camera.
  3. Wilt Chamberlain - If he really did have sex with 20,000 women, it seems likely that a camera was present at least one of those times.
Least Likely
  1. Pat Summerall - I love Pat Summerall, but if there is a sex tape out there with him in it, I hope I never see it.
  2. Shawn Bradley - I'm not sure any woman would ever have sex with him, much less allow it to be recorded for posterity. Plus he's a Mormon.
  3. John Amaechi - If you're that far in the closet, you probably aren't leaving video evidence of your homosexuality laying around (although he's apparently an attention

9 Responses:

J-Red said...

Most likely: Stephon Marbury. He already has a known predilection for catching a hummer in a Hummer.

Least likely: Yogi Berra. Fame and money only go so far. I'm not saying he didn't get his share, only that no one wanted it recorded.

Jeremy said...

On the Orioles track, I might have to go for Jim Palmer most likely, Earl Weaver least likely.

Sarge said...

Most Likely: Roger Clemens

Least Likely: Roger Clemens' Wife

Chamomiles Davis said...

It's been rumored that the video used in The Ring was actually a Tommy LaSorda sex tape. Makes sense.

J-Red said...

Come to think of it, I do remember a horse and flies in the tape in The Ring. No wonder those people looked so distraught.

Weinstein said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bluenatic said...

A.C. Green has got to be on that "least likely" list.

J-Red said...

Former Terps:

Most likely - (tie) Steve Blake, Gary Williams

Least likely - (tie) Juan Dixon, Mike Mardesich

Jeremy said...

Correction - Matt Slaninka.

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