April 8, 2008

New York Mets... RickRoll'd

For as concerned as I am about the Nationals attendance last night in the second game ever in their ballpark, reading the following story from the New York Daily News made me laugh just a little...

Runoff to Determine Mets New 8th Inning Song
The organization received 5 million votes on its Web site after inviting fans to choose from among 10 selections to potentially replace Sweet Caroline. An issue arose, however, when FARK.com readers bombarded the Mets with gag votes for a write-in candidate: Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

The Astley tune actually won.

Rather than commit to that as the new eighth-inning tune since it probably doesn’t reflect the fan base’s wishes, the Mets will play the top six selections once apiece during the first six games of their home stand. The one that draws the largest crowd response will stick.

The other songs that made the cut, in descending order: Livin’ on a Prayer, Bon Jovi; I’m a Believer, The Monkees; Movin’ Out, Billy Joel; Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond; and Build Me Up Buttercup, The Foundations.

The Mets suggested the Fark tune winning didn’t necessarily result in the runoff, saying the contest rules stipulated Internet voters would “help decide” the outcome.

REACT: Hey hey hey! At least we see one thing the Nationals did right recently! When they invited fans to choose songs, they pre-selected the candidates in each category and didn't leave any option for a write-in vote thus inviting the general public to sabotage their selection. The moral of this story... democracy just does not work.

4 Responses:

"ben" said...

I see you're trying to distract us from the heated debate over the Nats.

I don't understand why the Mets left an option for write-in. And even though they did, why not just simply discard it, since they know it was a gag, and move on to the actual winner?

The whole thing makes little sense.

Anonymous said...

Oh? So who decides which songs are not gags then? The crew who designed the contest wanted a big reaction and they got one. If Rick Astley somehow tarnishes baseball in your eyes, then perhaps you should reevaluate this "pastime" of yours. The contest was supposed to be all in good fun. Chill out.

"ben" said...

"So who decides which songs are not gags then?"

If you think that the people who voted on Idol for Sanjya because votefortheworst.com told them to is not a gag, then how am I supposed to argue with you?

But at least in that scenario, Sanjya was a stated option, and Idol had hard and fast rules (maybe) regarding the competition since lots of people, viewers included, were invested in some way.

"If Rick Astley somehow tarnishes baseball in your eyes, then perhaps you should reevaluate this "pastime" of yours."

I don't know what that means. It doesn't tarnish baseball, and why did you put pastime in quotes?

"Chill out."

And I was chill. You, sir/madam, should chill out.

bytmyshnymtlazz said...

Okay. First off, Rick Astley's song is not a horrible song. If it was, why did it become famous? The song clearly states about never gonna give someone up. It's a great song. And it's UNIQUE. Unlike half the songs that were posted on that list! Personally, the people who did the poll knew what they were doing. They wanted a SONG that would catch the crowds EYE. This one did. It made the news, did it NOT? And I think even if it was a 'prank' from some website, a few of the younger-ish fans for the Mets would have enjoyed it. The song isn't all 'that' old. But it really doesn't matter since everyone has already decided. But frankly, they should have kept it. They look like pussies (Sorry for my french) since they didn't. Because everyone voted and the numbers don't lie. Though next time...They should think ahead before they make an extra box if their just going to back out of having the song that VOTERS picked thrown away. And this is coming from a METS fan.