September 4, 2008

College Football Picks - Week 2

This year, week 2 of the college football season is a letdown, giving the spotlight almost entirely to the NFL for its opening weekend. The premiere matchup has a 3-TD spread, and there is not a single matchup between two top-25 teams. That having been said, here are a couple games to keep an eye on.

Georgia Tech (+7) over BOSTON COLLEGE - GT has the athletes to make the option work this year, and BC is in a rebuilding year after losing Ryan and others. This game will likely establish the course of both teams' seasons.

West Virginia (-8) over EAST CAROLINA - Skip Holtz definitely has a good team, but VT is a team with a lot of problems. WVU is much more solid and should be able to handle ECU, but I don't expect a blowout. Pat White is still the QB, and ECU lost their star RB from last year.

With a bald head for good luck, Nutt and Ole Miss will surprise some teams this year.

Mississippi (+8) over WAKE FOREST - This pick is not to say that Wake is weak, just that Houston Nutt knows how to coach football. Ole Miss already beat Memphis pretty soundly, and should compete for all 4 quarters. Wake doesn't have the biggest home-field advantage around.

Last week: 4-2-0

9 Responses:

Damien said...

You're retarded if you think Wake loses to Ole Miss this weekend. Ole Miss beat a terrible football team last week. Snead looked out of sorts. He'll throw atleast two picks against Wake.

Skinner threw for 200 yds and 3 TDs against Baylor last week on the road. His numbers should have been better as his receivers dropped some balls.

Wake's defense will ensure the victory this weekend. Alphonso Smith, pre-season All-American, had a pick last week and is nation's active leader in INTs. Aaron Curry, another pre-season All-American will be in Ole Miss' backfield all day. Two years ago Wake beat Ole Miss 27-3 in the Grove, don't look for things to change.

Houston Nutt may right the ship for Ole Miss, but not this week.

Maybe Maryland can try to beat Middle Tennessee State by more than one touchdown this week. [Gob voice] C'mon!!!! [Gob voice]

Russell said...

So you're implying that Baylor is better than Memphis? And I don't care that Wake was at Baylor last week, those stands looked really crowded and noisy.

Also, Wake and the rest of the ACC hasn't exactly impressed against non-conference opposition lately. Nebraska played a close game at Wake last year, and we found out later that Nebraska wasn't very good. And I didn't say Ole Miss will win, 8 points is a lot of leeway.

big tuna said...

I think it is pretty safe to pick against the ACC until further notice.

J-Red said...

I would argue with Damien, but the Gob voice wins all arguments.

"I've made a huge mistake."

Damien said...

I didn't realize the picks were ATS. In that case, your pick is not that ridiculous.

As the lone member of the ACC in the AP Poll, all ACC fans should hope Wake wins and carries the banner for the conference.

Anonymous said...

Russell is just pissed that Wake made turtle soup out of Maryland last year, and the year before, and so on.

Russell said...

Last year was a lucky comeback. The year before, Wake was the better team and deserved to win. And when was the last time Wake beat Maryland before that? So what does "and so on" mean?

Wake deserves a lot of credit for building a successful program with lesser talent, and I root for them against most opponents, including Baylor last week.

And Damien, yes, the ACC needs all the wins it can get.

Nic said...

Um...Of course Ole Miss beat Memphis pretty soundly.

"Ole Miss holds a 44-10-2 mark over the Tigers, including a 23-7-2 record in games played in Memphis. In season openers, the Rebels are 29-3-2 versus Memphis."-

Plus one because this was written last year.

Memphis sucks. I was all excited because the college I'm going to is right across the street from the Tigers home stadium and I figured I could just walk over there for games since my school has no Football team, until I saw their home schedule. They play crap. The best team they play is Louisville (which is arguable)

Anyhow all that to say, I'm pulling for Wake, and I don't think that the Memphis game is a fair judge of Ole Miss' talent.

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