September 6, 2008

Georgia Tech Upsets Boston College!

The triple-option era is here, and it's undefeated so far. After fumbling three times in the first half, the Yellow Jackets rallied behind their defense all game long. The defense forced three turnovers in the 2nd half and sacked the BC quarterback Chris Crane for a safety. GT took the lead for good on a option pitch to stud RB Jonathan Dwyer, who took it 40 yards untouched for the score. Quarterback Josh Nesbitt converted a number of lengthy third downs through pure athleticism and quickness, adding an extra dimension for defenses to track.

Dwyer is the stud RB for the Jackets this year.

Next week, Georgia Tech gets Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Normally a really tough game, the Hokies look vulnerable after losing to ECU last week and going into halftime 3-0 over Furman. A victory over VT on the road would create quite a buzz in Atlanta about a possible trip to the ACC Championship. Just think what could happen when the offense really settles in and starts to look like Navy did last year!

6 Responses:

J-Red said...

An upset for sure, but certainly not unforeseen. BC should be quite down this year and GT, if anything, should get better as the season goes on. I suspect that this result won't even draw a flinch by the end of the season.

Russell said...

GT will definitely look better as the season goes on, esp on offense. What's scary is to consider their defense paired with the offensive efficiency we saw from Navy last year.

The other 5 teams in that division are UNC, Duke, Miami (freshman QB), VT (struggling, game next week), and Virginia. GT has a shot at that division, esp with a W next week.

Nic said...

Biggest upset...ECU beating WV.

Hopefully correcting last years sinking ship, Irish beating SDS.

Personal satisfaction, correctly predicting Wake would beat Ole Miss.

gpb said...

It'll be interesting but I was here for the Chan era. I'm well accustomed to mediocrity and failed expectations.

I came into the game concerned about how the 3x option would look against a real defense and if how the defense would look since Paul never really talks about our D. I was impressed with the defense and they dominated the second half. Hats off to the defense, especially Burnett and M Johnson.

We came out slow to start the game on offense and this will probably hurt us down the road, especially if ball control continues to be a problem. But the passing needs to be more efficient I think to help the 3x option work.

Certainly, a win in Blacksburg would be huge for momentum. Too bad Lee Corso won't be there (

They haven't looked very great and I think part of the problem is Sean Glennon. But special teams may come out huge for them as Tech's sucks. If only we had the Redskins MVP from Thursday, we would be set there.

We get the win and I think we start 6-0.

Russell said...

Nic, Irish beating a team who lost to Cal Poly last week, and winning in that fashion, indicates the Irish will be below .500 again.

Also, my pick of Ole Miss with 8 points was pretty comfortably right. Good thing for the ACC that our best team can only edge a middle- or bottom-tier SEC team with a last second FG.

J-Red said...

gpb, I think Paul is unaccustomed to talking about the D because it was an afterthought at Navy. It was understood that they could not physically compete with non-service academies, so the focus had to be on ball-control offense that put up a lot of points with reliable frequency. Now that Paul Johnson has a defense that can at least potentially force some three-and-outs, he'll probably start to talk about it more often.

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