September 5, 2008

I'm a Redskins Fan and I'm Pretty Damn Pissed Off

So this post isn't going to have pretty pictures and may not be the most well-researched blog post, but I have about five minutes before I have to punch the clock and begin my gainful employment of the day and I need to use the space that I have here to vent about how gut-wrenching last night's Redskins-Giants game was. This will be a big bitch session. And it'll just be point-by-point.

1) Jason Campbell is not an NFL Quarterback. I'm sorry to say it, but the verdict is finally in. He's not. He may have been doomed by playcalling last night. More likely than not, he was doomed by having to learn his 6th offensive system in 7 years or 7 in 8 years or whatever insane number it is. Nonetheless, he didn't complete a pass until about a minute left in the second quarter (thankfully Santana is on one of my fantasy teams this year and caught the lone TD). Campbell is not a QB for the west coast offense and Zorn cannot force players into his offense. Campbell does not have a quick release of the ball and holds onto it for far too long. He makes dumb decisions and runs into the pass coverage. In other words, he's Jordan Steffy. If we're 0-2, it's time for Todd Collins.

2) Jim Zorn was the wrong hire and the result of a total clusterfuckup by Snyder, Cerrato, et al. Look, it's disingenuous to hire a guy to be the offensive coordinator, then hire him to be a head coach when his only previous experience is as a QB coach, expect him to install a new offense in five months, while at the same time, touting to your fans that this is all about continuity and that a playoff team last year will be a playoff team this year. I mean, did you SEE Zorn on the sidelines last night? He is runner up to Campbell for the official Dr. Boutros Laser Eye Center Deer in Headlights shot of the game (I imagine it would be something like this since everything by the Redskins is sponsored by somebody). My measure of a poor coaching decision is if I know how to do a better job on Madden and I look at the head coach on the field executing more poorly, that head coach is clueless. Zorn has worse clock management skills than Gibbs (did anybody listen to him trying to explain his rationale in his postgame press conference?!?!) especially at the end of the first half and at the end of the game.

3) This team was totally, completely, 100% unprepared for this game. They looked listless. They committed stupid penalties (Randle El, I'm looking at you for your two false start penalties). As a new coach, you can't come in and give the team a vanilla preseason, no matter how much your team hates the preseason, and expect that they can just flip the switch in the first game on the road against a division rival who also happens to be defending Super Bowl Champions. Hell, Portis is a headcase about just about anything. And you know what... I actually think some of these guys, Portis included, would have respected Zorn for coming in, kicking some ass, and getting the show on the road.

4) Um, yeah, you might want to actually prepare a team for all the situations they are going to face during a regular season game during the preseason. Like making sure your team is familiar enough with their offense to go no huddle, down two possessions with four minutes left in the game. Like making sure your team knows their hot routes to get out of bounds to kill the clock. Yeah... the 'Skins didn't do that last night.

5) There were more quality linemen in this past draft than you could shake a stick at. So you're going to go and draft two WRs and a TE when we already have Moss, Randle El, and Cooley? So now we don't have any pass rush, our secondary is now depleted by injuries, and aside from Fletcher, we have a pretty undersized front four. Yeah, I think New Orleans is licking their chops to get to us.

6) That said, my hat does go off to Coach Blatche who made some great adjustments on the defense in the second half and managed to keep the Giants scoreless in the second half. 16 points should be enough to win your offense the game. Unless, of course, Zorn is calling an offense that runs draw plays on third-and-20. Also, game ball to London Fletcher and Rock Cartwright, both of whom had great games.

There's a whole lot more to say, but I'm out of time. I will say that it takes a lot for me to scream at the TV and last night I was doing a whole lot of it, in fact gesturing with my arms frantically to get the team up to the line of scrimmage when they were taking their sweet old time towards the end of the game. I haven't been so disgusted with a Redskins team and the game management thereof since Gibbs called the back-to-back timeouts against the Bills last season. In some ways, this is worse... first game of the season with weeks to prepare and everything goes wrong. I hope I look back on this post in about ten weeks and think that I should be nominated for the Chicken Little post of the century. Instead, I think the Ravens-Redskins December 7 game might now have severe ramifications for both teams for the #1 draft pick.

6 Responses:

Eric said...

I couldn't agree more. I still have faith in Zorn, but I haven't seen that "deer in the headlights" look since Steve Spurrier. I could imagine him saying, "What the heck -- This worked way better in practice!?"

I mean come on. 7 yards in the 1st quarter, or whatever it was? Watching the Giants D manhandle the skins Offensive line, yet send Portis time after time after time straight into the line for a wasted play? Who thought that was a good idea? I don't know whether Campbell is an NFL QB or not because they wouldn't let him throw the ball.

I should have watched McCain's acceptance speech instead. I heard it was much more exciting than calling a draw play on 3rd and 20.

Russell said...

What did you expect? A QBs coach is trying to be a head coach and the OC for the first time in his career.

I blame Danny 100%. Everything else is just fallout from his mistakes.

If Campbell's replaced, I want to see Brennan, not Collins.

"ben" said...

Watching the clock management of the game, I forgot Gibbs wasn't coaching.

J-Red said...

I agree with Russell. Everything in this disaster falls back on one person: Danny Snyder.

Cerrato should be long gone. Since he isn't, the team once again drafted horribly. The offseason coaching search was the highest profile failure to fill a position since Harriet Myers. Everything trickles down from there.

I don't actually think the Ravens and Redskins will be duking it out for the worst record in the NFL. I think the Ravens will win at least 5 games, even if Flacco starts the whole season, just because they can generate some turnovers and sacks. The Skins, too, will have at least five games where Portis and some luck will be enough.

"ben" said...

Does this mean you're backing off your bogus Jason-Taylor-Will-Lead-Redskins-To-Super-Bowl position?

J-Red said...

Who, me? I'm sticking with my "Jason Taylor is worth a 4th round pick considering Philip Daniels went down for the year and Vinny Cerrato again failed to address the D-line in the draft, instead picking up two sketchy WRs and an unneeded TE" position.

There are indications that Jim Zorn thought the Skins were only down 8 in the fourth quarter. When asked after the game about the slow going in the late fourth quarter, Jim Zorn told Sonny Jurgensen of Red Zebra ESPN Radio - a Danny Snyder holding - "I didn't want to give the ball back with too much time."

That means one of two things. Either Zorn thought it was a one-possession game, or Zorn didn't want Brandon Jacobs to blow up too many more safeties as the Giants killed out the clock up two.

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