September 1, 2008

Awful Weekend for the ACC

The ACC has been criticized as the weakest BCS conference for years now, but this year there isn't any doubt. As an ACC fan, it pains me to say it, but the conference doesn't look any better than C-USA and is clearly far worse than any other BCS conference.

If you missed it, here's how the ACC faired this weekend:

  • #23 Wake beat up on Baylor
  • GT beat a 1-AA team
  • Miami beat a 1-AA team
  • NC State got shut out by South Carolina
  • #17 VA Tech got upset by ECU on a neutral field
  • UVA got blown out at home by USC
  • Maryland beat a 1-AA team by a touchdown
  • UNC beat a 1-AA team by 8
  • Duke beat a 1-AA team
  • BC shut out Kent State (one of the worst teams in division 1-A)
  • #9 Clemson got embarassed by Alabama on national television in the Georgia Dome
If you're keeping track at home, the conference went 2-4 against 1-A opponents (and only 1 of those wins was against a BCS conference school). Thankfully, none of the five teams that played 1-AA patsies lost.

When the new rankings come out, the ACC will likely be down to 2 teams in the top 25 with a big goose egg in the top 15. What is wrong with the ACC? The players apparently aren't the problem, as they keep getting drafted in the NFL. Is it the coaches? Something else?

All I know is that the ACC needs to do something to fix its football problem. The ACC Championship game is an embarassment. The fact that the conference gets an automatic BCS bid is embarassing. Duke is an embarassment to Division 1 football. Things need to change.

8 Responses:

"ben" said...

I guess I missed what the Big Ten did that was so great. Illinois and MSU getting moral victories?

J-Red said...

OSU and Penn State pasted vastly inferior opponents.

Tennessee is presently making a case for biggest failure to capitalize on opportunities in a game not coached by Joe Gibbs. UCLA should have been down 28 at the half, instead they (are about to) win.

J-Red said...

Nevermind, I didn't consider that UCLA would kick it to the up back when Tennessee had a time out and only needed a field goal to tie. I'm sure UCLA loses in OT now.

J-Red said...

That's why I don't bet on football. I was sure UCLA had it won with 30 seconds left. I was sure Tennessee had it won at the beginning of OT. UCLA ends up winning. I can't even predict the outcome with 30 seconds left in regulation.

Dean said...

I almost crapped myself when I saw that pooch kick by UCLA with 40 seconds left in regulation.

"Hey, Tennessee... want the ball at your own 42 to start this last drive? Not a problem."

UCLA's players, fortunately, overcame their coaches.

Nic said...

The thing that needs to be mentioned again is that Duke actually WON a game.

gpb said...

Honestly, I think the Big East had that title for a little while. The ACC might be lousy now but the Big East isn't screaming domination.

Cinci over Eastern KY
WV over Villanova
South FL over Tennessee-Martin
CT over Hofstra
Louisville with only a safety on KY
Rutgers dominated by Fresno State
Syracuse destroyed by NWern
Pitt loses to Bowling Green by 10

Lets talk about the Big 10, only the teams that lost played anyone. Should we gloom and doom about them?

Anyway, the Bowdens need to leave college football. Bobby should be asked to leave at this point and Tommy has never been able to win enough to be taken seriously with his program. I think he could sink any school's program no matter how dominate they should be.

And NC state, Miami, Duke, UNC, and GT all have newish coaches. I think it will be interesting to see how they pan out - especially our 3x option in Atlanta (Have some laughs -

But hell, it's just week 1. The embarrassing loses were VT and Clemson and Clemson was are more advertised than VT's because it was so bad.

Honestly, I hope this just makes a case for eliminating BCS. I never liked it when conference champs not in the top ten made BCS bowls.

Anonymous said...

and to top it all off, the game ball for the UNC game was parachuted into the Duke game.

All in all, a terrible ACC weekend.

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