September 6, 2008

College Football Quick Hitters

How long til Boeckman is replaced by Pryor?

Ohio St. - A narrow escape against Frank Solich's Ohio U squad, which outplayed OSU most of the game, is a bad sign for next week's showdown with USC. Was this a look-ahead letdown, or a sign that OSU will get crushed next week and is overrated (again)? We'll find out next week.

West Virginia - Credit an excellent ECU team with a second straight win over a ranked team, but what happened to the WVU offense? 3 pts? The loss of RichRod and Slaton might matter more than we thought, and the struggles of the defense mean fewer opportunities for the offense.

Notre Dame - It's good to see things improved so much in the offseason in South Bend. SDSU lost to Cal Poly last week at home, but led ND 13-7 well into the 2nd half. Not a good sign for the Irish's chances against the meat of their schedule. Will Weis get the quick hook that Ty got?

Washington - Got jobbed. The officials need to fix the rules on celebration. Kids should be allowed to have fun as long as they're not taunting. The game should not have been decided that way, even if BYU might have blocked the shorter PAT anyway. This loss may cost Ty his job before the end of the year. PS. Jake Locker is a stud.

Jake Locker deserved better from the refs.

ACC Still Sucks - Poor showings by VT, UVA, and especially Maryland indicate it might go like this all year. At least Wake managed a last second FG to beat Ole Miss and stay ranked.

USF - Escaped in OT, it's really too bad their rivalry with UCF is ending.

Cal - 66-3 winners on the road at Wash St., likely to crush Maryland next week...

5 Responses:

Russell said...

For those of you wondering why I didn't pick the Florida-Miami game, now you know. Florida just kicked a FG to cover, when they could have just run out the clock. Vegas had this one pretty much nailed.

gpb said...

And to think, adding VT, BC, and Miami were supposed to strengthen the conference... At least basketball starts in a couple months.

Another year, another overrated OSU.

UWV how far the mighty have fallen... Here's to hopefully Michigan failing.

But ECU should be fun to watch this season though. Can we start making jokes about the Pirates plundering the Mountaineers and Hokies' booty?

Washington got crapped on like they ate at the Varsity. Just terrible officiating with no respect for the game.

But Highlander is on Universal HD and Queen is rocking out. If only Mortal Kombat or Bloodsport came on afterwards!!!

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