September 7, 2008

Brady Out for Season with ACL

Following the low hit on Tom Brady's left leg, reports are surfacing that Tom Brady has a torn ACL and might not play again this year. This changes the entire landscape of the NFL season before the first weekend is even over.

Left legs don't bend that way naturally. (AP Photo)

First, I don't think you can rule out the Patriots immediately. Cassel looked sharp in relief of Brady, and there's obviously a good supporting cast if you're able to win 18 straight last year. Cassel can just throw it deep and Moss will come down with it half the time. But seriously, Cassel has had a lot of time backing up some really good QBs (Leinart, Palmer, Brady), so if he can execute on the things he's learned, the Pats will still win a lot of games. Don't forget they have a really easy schedule.

Can Cassel flex his muscles as the Pats starter?

So with the Patriots vulnerable, who stands to benefit the most? The obvious thought is the Colts and Chargers, the best two other teams in the AFC the last couple years. If Cassel's starting in the playoffs, you have to think that tilts things in their favor. More immediately, the Jets and Bills can start thinking about the division. The Jets with the ageless Favre host the limping Pats next week, and that game will be extremely telling for both teams.

The other losers are the fantasy owners. Tom Brady was a first or second round pick in every league and his loss will be crippling to most of those teams.

If this happens on the first week, what can we expect the rest of the year?

7 Responses:

Brien said...

I'm still not convinced that this isn't some sort of elaborate Bill Belichick plot to play with the injury reports again. He's just trying to psych out next week's opponent when Brady is a surprise starter.

Russell said...

Well, if there was a week all season to have such a plot, this is the one. Next week is at the Jets, division rivals and perpetrators of Spygate. Belichick would love nothing more than to screw Mangini.

J-Red said...

I want something more reliable before I let my excitement about Joe Flacco snowball into some kind of absurd hope that the Ravens could make the Super Bowl.

Jeremy said...

Yeah... I love having spent my first-round pick in one of my two leagues on Tom Brady. This'll be fun.

"ben" said...

I'm kind of sad, but not as affected as I thought I would be by this news. Maybe Cassel will pull the old Wally Pip-Lou Gehrig on Brady, just like he did to Bledsoe. Then Brady can go play his twilight years in Washington (or Detroit). Now we're talkin'.

J-Red said...

Yeah, but more likely New England will just write off this whole season after losing to the Jets next week.

Anonymous said...

Not a huge deal with all of the other talent on that offense. I still like them to win the division.

And how about NE getting Culpepper to come out of retirement to reunite with Moss? Weren't they both talking about that last year? (Not suggesting that's a good idea, just that there's a slight chance it might happen)

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