September 17, 2008

College Football Picks - Week 4

Week 4 marks the start of conference play in many of the BCS conferences, and this week I will be focusing on the SEC.

The Vols are rebuilding this year after last year's trip to the SEC Championship thanks to a tiebreaker.

Florida (-7) over TENNESSEE - If these teams played 10 times, the Gators would win 9 of them by double digits. The Vols managed to make UCLA look good, and last week we found out just how good the Bruins are.

MISSISSIPPI (-7.5) over Vandy - Sleeper team in the West.

Lsu (-2) over AUBURN - Auburn scored 3 points with their handy-dandy new spread offense last week. They'll need a lot more than that this week.

Alabama (-9) over ARKANSAS - Petrino's squad has struggled against minnows, while Alabama looked pretty sharp against Clemson.

Quick quiz: Which was true more recently? Peter Warrick played in the NFL or Bobby Bowden was a good coach.

Wake Forest (+4) over FLORIDA STATE - Wake's played good opposition and has done well. FSU has played no one, and I have no reason to believe this will be any different than the 30-0 shelling of a couple years ago. Bowden should retire already.

Last Week: 3-2-1
Season: 9-5-1

8 Responses:

"ben" said...

I'm confused, when did Wake and FSU move to the SEC?

Nic said...

Yeah, me too.

Shouldn't Miss State vs. Georgia Tech be there instead?

Russell said...

The logic goes that Wake and FSU are both ranked, and since the ACC obviously can't have 2 ranked teams because the ACC is terrible this year, it must be an SEC game.

I could have picked Miss St. vs GT or UGA vs. AZ St, but I felt better about picking Wake. We'll see how I feel about it Sat night.

nikhil28 said...

Bowden isn't going anywhere. Just like Joe Pa, everyone keeps saying Bowden should retire but if you ask FSU fans, they love that man so much that he will never go anywhere. Besides, isn't FSU # 24 this year. I don't know who they have played but weren't they picked # 2 in the Atlantic division, if I remember correctly?
I don't think Fulmer is going anywhere either. Being an alumni of the school you are coaching at helps big time with the alumni. I would argue that John Bunting and $huck Amato would have been canned a long time ago if they weren't alumni.

Russell said...

I didn't see a single preseason poll that had FSU ahead of Clemson or Wake in the Atlantic. Maybe someone did, but they were clearly #3 or #4 preseason in the division, which should be unacceptable for a team that used to count ACC losses on one hand.

Russell said...

Oh, and I forgot the whole part about FSU academic scandals, and how he can't even maintain disciple any more, and how they're probably getting outrecruited by USF (ironically the reverse of FSU's initials).

Obviously he built that program into what it is, but he should want to retire out of respect for himself and the quality he used to have. Obviously the loss of his assistants over the years has cost that program significantly.

"ben" said...

"they're probably getting outrecruited by USF (ironically the reverse of FSU's initials)."

"ben" said...

Argh, I meant to say that's not ironic. Ironic is one of the most improperly used words in the English language, in my opinion.

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