November 19, 2008

College Football Picks - Week 13

As limited as last week's slate of games may have been, there's something for everyone this weekend. This is the last week of Big 10 action, with 3 teams still hoping for a trip to Pasadena. All 6 ACC games involve at least one team with a shot at going to the ACC Championship, and 4 of those games have spreads of 3 points or less. To top it off, we have the showdown between Texas Tech and Oklahoma. What a weekend! Hope you didn't make any other plans for Saturday. Look for me in the sea of white Thursday night.

Texas Tech (+6.5) over OKLAHOMA - Somewhat lost in the hoopla of this game is that the Sooners lost in Lubbock last year in a rather low scoring game. I think the Red Raider defense has improved more than the Oklahoma offense since last year, and an extra week isn't enough for the Sooners defense to figure out the TT offense. Coaches have been studying Leach's 5 passing plays for years and still can't stop them. I expect a close game, with the score in the 30's, and I think TT will win.

GEORGIA TECH (-3) over Miami - The Canes have really struggled against teams who are physically their equal. On defense at least, GT fits that description, and should be able to slow down the Miami offense pretty effectively. I think the option will be surprisingly successful. Paul Johnson had some extra time to prepare, and we may see some big plays like the Dwyer runs against FSU. The atmosphere of a nationally televised Thursday night game won't hurt either.

Boston College (+2) over WAKE FOREST - BC was able to end last week's game on the road at FSU with a clock-draining drive, in which they only called one play, the "read-option" from the shotgun. If their line was able to do that to FSU, I don't think Wake's D will be able to do much better. Wake's loss to NC State didn't inspire confidence either.

MARYLAND (-1) over Florida State - I'm going to keep saying this: Maryland is a much better team at home. Plus we've won the last two games at home vs. FSU, including one when they were #5 in the country. If Fridge has trouble motivating the team for this game, they have no heart.

NC State (+11) over NORTH CAROLINA - The Wolfpack has been very competitive all season, and has now won two in a row. I expect a very close game, especially with UNC deciding who to start at QB.

UTAH (-6) over Byu - If Utah wins, they are a lock for the BCS in spite of a pathetically weak schedule. This game's at home, and Utah has better wins than BYU. Utah beat Oregon State (tied for Pac-10 lead), Michigan on the road, and TCU at home. BYU got crushed by TCU, beat an awful Washington team on a questionable penalty, and crushed a UCLA team which is also awful.

Michigan State (+14.5) over PENN STATE - The Nittany Lions have not been very impressive lately.

ARIZONA (-2.5) over Oregon State - The Beavers have really struggled on the road this year, and the Wildcats are good enough to pull out the win, ending OSU's hopes for the Rose Bowl.

Last week: 2-1
Season: 38-30-2

8 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Sam Bradford was out of the game with a concussion early in the first quarter on the OU/Tech game last year. Thats why they lost.

Anonymous said...

so Bradford played on the defense last year that gave up 34 points?

Tech 42 OU 30. Wreck 'Em!

The Daily Breather said...

I'll be watching to see my alma mattar crush Pen St. like the knitting lions they are.

"ben" said...

alma mater

"ben" said...

And Penn State, or at least Penn St.

sean said...

oregon state has this one in the bag. they are going to win out and take the title and going to the rose bowl

Anonymous said...

like I said... Sam Bradford was out of the game with a concussion early in the first quarter on the OU/Tech game last year. Thats why they lost.

nice pick

sean said...

thanks.. i know that the beavers can kill oregon this week in the civil war

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