November 20, 2008

NFL Picks Against the Spread Week 12

There's not a lot of agreement between us this week.

Brien (31-24)

TENNESSEE (-5.5) over NY Jets - The Titans are 9-1 ATS. I'm going to keep picking them all season.

Tampa Bay (-9) over DETROIT - I hate laying this many points, but I still don't think the Bucs are getting the respect they deserve from Vegas.

BALTIMORE (-1) over Philadelphia - The Ravens bounce back from a tough loss last week.

Washington (-3) over SEATTLE - I know the Redskins have fallen off a bit in the last few weeks, and they have to make a cross-country trip, but the Seahawks are really really bad.

Minnesota (+2.5) over JACKSONVILLE - The Jags are still getting credit for how good they were last year. This year they suck. They're also only 1-4 at home.

J-Red (28-27)
I'm still hovering around mediocrity, much like the Ravens and Redskins.

BALTIMORE (-1) over Philadelphia - The Ravens want to prove they are a better than average team, but they've only beaten losing teams so far. They need this one.

SEATTLE (+3) over Washington - The Skins are depressed and a trip to Seattle is not the cure for depression. This one should be sloppy.

ARIZONA (+3) over New York Giants - This is a WTF line to me, but coming off a big win and making a big trip might be too much for the Giants D.

San Francisco (+10.5) over DALLAS - I'm not saying San Francisco wins, but I think Dallas is a little too confident that everything is hunky-dory.

Indianapolis (+3) over SAN DIEGO - San Diego is done and Indy is just finally clicking in.

Jeremy (30-25)
Just one week away from being subjected to a Lions game yet again on Thanksgiving. Seriously... while Obama is fixing the BCS, can't he do something about the travesty that is the Lions playing the early Turkey Day game every year?

TENNESSEE (-5.5) over New York Jets - Defense wins championships. You probably want to bench any of the following from your fantasy lineups on Sunday: Favre, Coles, Jones, Washington, Cotchery.

Washington (-3) over SEATTLE - If the Redskins lose this game, they might as well write off their playoff hopes. Aside from Cincy, this looks to be the next easiest of their six remaining games. Seattle is brutally bad. Although so is the 'Skins line play.

Giants (-3) over ARIZONA - Another tough trip west for an NFC East team, this time to play a far better team. But the team that I believe to be the NFL's best only giving up 3? Sign me up.

ATLANTA (-1) over Carolina - The Falcons are really, really tough to beat in the Georgia Dome. Seriously... look at these teams' respective schedules... does any division have an easier road than the NFC South? They play the NFC North and AFC West.

Indianapolis (+3) over SAN DIEGO - The Colts are this year's NFL enigma. A great win followed by an ugly win interspersed with bad losses. Yes, the Chargers looked halfway decent last week, but I just can't give PhiLLLLip or Norville the nod in this one.

Magic 8 Ball (29-26)
Just a few weeks away and still beating two out of four human prognosticators...

New York Jets (+5.5) over TENNESSEE - "Don't count on it." (Titan's won't beat the spread)

SEATTLE (+3) over Washington - "Signs point to yes." (Seahawks will beat the spread)

Giants (-3) over ARIZONA - "My answer is no." (Arizona won't beat the spread)

ATLANTA (-1) over Carolina - "My sources say yes." (Atlanta will beat the spread)

Indianapolis (+3) over SAN DIEGO - "My answer is no." (Chargers won't beat the spread)

Russell (26-29)
I just need to gain ground on Jason and the 8-Ball.

Minnesota (+2.5) over JACKSONVILLE - It's time we admit the Jags just aren't very good this year.

DENVER (-10) over Oakland - Odds are good for a blowout.

SEATTLE (+3) over Washington - Danger! Danger! Holmgren knows all of Zorn's tricks, and the return of Hasselbeck makes Seattle a much better team.

ARIZONA (+3) over NY Giants - Arizona is really good at home. Have you heard that from me before?

Green Bay (+2.5) over NEW ORLEANS - Here comes the Pack, about to repeat in the NFC North.

Russell: ARI, DEN, GB, MIN, SEA

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