November 18, 2008

Your Tuesday Bills-related blog post.

It's Tuesday, which means that I could blog about the mostly meaningless Bills-Browns game last night. However, I think that since it is Tuesday and we're four very long days away from the insanity that will be Byrd Stadium on Saturday night, I'll share with you a Bills-related YouTube clip from last year that will have you crying it's so tragically funny (we blogged about it 13 months ago and we're that old and the clip was so popular, it's worth reposting):

I mean, this combines the worst of TV sports journalism with a deer-in-headlights talking head with a producer who clearly thought that any black man in a wheelchair might be Kevin Everett with some horribly timed Teleprompter lines describing what is going on. Really, it's like the perfect storm of awful TV announcing mishaps. Enjoy. If you're like me, you may end up watching it three times.

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