December 4, 2008

NFL Picks Week 14

Brien (37-27-1)

TENNESSEE (-14) over Cleveland: The Browns rush defense sucks, and we saw last week what happens when the Titans play against a bad rush defense.

BALTIMORE (-5.5) over Washington: The Ravens look really good lately, and I think they can shut down Portis. From an emotional standpoint, this "rivalry" means 10 times more to Baltimore than it does to Washington, so with the game being played at M&T Bank Stadium, that gives the Ravens another advantage.

NY Jets (-3.5) over SAN FRANCISCO: I just don't believe in the Niners this year, even though I love Shaun Hill.

GREEN BAY (-6) over Houston: The weather will be a factor.

Tampa Bay (+3) over CAROLINA: The Panthers have been very good at home this year, but I think the Bucs are a pretty good team.

Jason (30-29-1)
Jason's on hiatus again this week. He's off thinking of ways to taunt Russell and Jeremy after his Ravens beat up on the Redskins on Sunday night.

Jeremy (35-29-1)
Damnit, another week, another game Brien gains on me. Lots of ginormous lines this week to tempt the Gods...

BALTIMORE (-5.5) over Washington - Let me just get this one off my chest first. Redskins O-line is horrid. Campbell will be intimately familiar with Scott and Ngata by the end of the night.

NEW YORK GIANTS (-5) over Philadelphia - Always a bruising battle in this game, but I'm a huge believer in the Giants.

ARIZONA (-13.5) over St. Louis - The Rams get worse as the season goes on. They've quit, it seems.

NEW ORLEANS (-3.5) over Atlanta - First to 50 wins. When that's the case, you go with Brees/Colston/Miller/Shockey/Bush.

Dallas (+3) over PITTSBURGH - With this Cowboys team and their turnaround of late, I'm tempted to take them anytime they are GETTING points.

Magic 8 Ball (33-31-1)
I hope you weren't betting with me last week. Actually, going 0-5 on a five-team teaser ought to pay out it's so unlikely.

Washington (+5.5) over BALTIMORE - "My answer is no." (Ravens won't beat the spread)

NEW YORK GIANTS (-5) over Philadelphia - "Signs point to yes." (Giants will beat the spread)

St. Louis (+13.5) over ARIZONA - "Don't count on it." (Cardinals won't beat the spread)

NEW ORLEANS (-3.5) over Atlanta - "My sources say yes." (Saints will beat the spread)

Dallas (+3) over PITTSBURGH - "My answer is no." (Steelers won't beat the spread)

Russell (30-34-1)
Must catch the 8-Ball...

BALTIMORE (-5.5) over Washington
- I think it's clear which team is better right now.

New England (-4.5) over SEATTLE
- The Pats will not be slowed by the Seahawks' defense.

Atlanta (+3.5) over NEW ORLEANS
- Fresh off a road win in SD, the Falcons look pretty good right now.

ARIZONA (-13.5) over St. Louis
- The Cards are always good at home.

TENNESSEE (-14) over Cleveland
- One of the best teams in the league vs. one of the worst.

Russell: BAL, NE, ARZ, ATL, TEN

1 Responses:

Brien said...

Just a note for all our readers (because I'm an idiot and didn't realize until after making my picks): the Dolphins/Bills game is being played in Toronto.

That also means the game will likely be indoors.

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