December 4, 2008

College Football Picks - Week 15

After an impressive showing last week, it's time for conference championships.

Navy (-11) over ARMY - GO NAVY! Loving the option makes this pick even easier. Another year, another Commander-in-Chief Cup.

Alabama (+10) over FLORIDA - Too many points and too many people are underestimating a Nick Saban football team, never a good idea. Even if Harvin plays, he's not going to be 100%, and that will really help Bama's defense keep up. Plus Mt. Cody is the best NT in the SEC, and he will clog the UF running game. I don't know if it will be enough to win with Bama's offense struggling a bit lately, but Saban's a great big-game coach.

OKLAHOMA (-16.5) over Missouri - This is a rematch of last year's Big 12 championship, when Missouri was #1 or #2. This year, the Sooners are much better and Missouri is not as good. Last year, the Sooners won easily, this year it's a big blowout.

Last week: 6-1
Season: 48-35-2

8 Responses:

Jim said...


The Daily Breather said...

Don't be too sure about OK over Mizzou. We'll be watchin' that one over here.

"ben" said...

I think Oklahoma covered.

The Daily Breather said...

Yea, you can nix the above comment. Fortunately, Mizzou will be meeting Northwestern in the BCS. They may fare a bit better.

Russell said...

Daily Breather, I'm fairly certain the Alamo Bowl is not part of the BCS. But yes, they should fare much better against Northwestern.

The Daily Breather said...

You're right, not the BCS but a bowl game nonetheless. And since when is there a Bowl Championship game? Wasn't it just whoever remained #1 at the end of it all? Usually found in the Rose/Orange/Fiesta Bowl games?

Why has college football gotten so complicated?

big tuna said...

The Rose, Orange, Fiesta, and Sugar Bowl are the four major BCS bowl games. A few years ago they expanded the BCS field to 10 and added the BCS championship game a week later which alternates between the four sites.

But you are an MSU fan, right? So you have a built in excuse for not being up on the workings of the BCS.

The Daily Breather said...

HA! Yea, you're partially right about MSU/BCS. But growing up in the Big Ten it was Rose Bowl and then a bunch of other games being played. And what's with all these new (last 10 yrs?) bowl games? Outback Bowl? C'mon, will we see the Wawa Bowl next? The 7-11 Bowl? Now watch, they'll make a Wawa Bowl and MSU will go. Laugh it up.

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