November 26, 2008

College Football Picks - Week 14

Every Thanksgiving we get to give thanks for football rivalries. Some of the best rivalries in football are played this weekend every year, and this year they include many of the top 10 teams in the country in in-state showdowns (Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma...) Enjoy!

Texas A&M (+35) over TEXAS - In a rivalry game, 35 pts is a lot to ask, especially when the Aggies have won the last 2 years. Granted the Aggies are awful this year, but Texas hasn't beaten any Big 12 team by 35+ points this year. The Horns also haven't beaten the Aggies by 35 in quite some time. I'm going with history.

BOSTON COLLEGE (-6.5) over Maryland - Even with a backup QB, the Eagles' superiority in the trenches will dictate this game. Plus the Terps have sucked on the road this year.

Virginia (+8) over VIRGINIA TECH - This spread's too big. I don't know that the Cavs can pull out a win, but I expect a very tight game.

Oklahoma (-7) over OKLAHOMA STATE - Oklahoma will win and put up some style points to get into the Big 12 Championship.

Georgia Tech (+8.5) over GEORGIA - Always a competitive game and UGA's been a little overrated all year due to a few injuries. If GT plays like they did against Miami, they have a legitimate shot to win. The GT defense is fully capable of keeping the Jackets in the game, and don't underestimate an option offense that racked up yards against Miss St, FSU, and Miami. Other teams haven't found those defenses so friendly. The advantage for the Dawgs is that they have had two weeks to prepare for the option.

USC (-32.5) over Notre Dame - I hope they hang 70 on the Irish, and it might happen.

Oregon (+3) over OREGON STATE - The only benefit of OSU going to the Rose Bowl is that we might see USC vs. Texas/Oklahoma, instead of having to watch them destroy another Big 10 pretender.

Last Week: 4-4
Season: 42-34-2

4 Responses:

M.A.S.H. said...

Thanks for picking the Aggies with the spread...35 points is just insulting, especially for such a heated rivalry. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

This game is all I have left now after Maryland's egg-laying. On the bright side, the Terps are going to make big bucks as the "before" picture in an upcoming series of Viagra ads.

Nikhil Verma said...

No Alabama-Auburn pick? Number 1 team in the country and what I believe is the second best rivalry in college football, outside of Army-Navy (yes, better than Michigan-OSU in my opinion).

gpb said...

I think if one picked Alabama-Auburn, it's silly not to pick Bama -14. At home against an opponent whose offense is flaccid against serious opponents. Sure, the Tigers defense can probably hold the Tide down and they've got 7 straight in the series. I just don't think it's as big a deal as not having a potent offense.

I'm actually surprised you didn't pick UNC/Duke (-8). Seems like a softball pick even though UNC had problems against NC State last week. I don't really think they will carry over since Yates will probably get back into rhythm.

So I guess those are two pretty easy picks unless someone has some insight I'm missing. But it's not like there aren't enough good picks already.

Jim said...

I'm glad that UGA and Martinez had 2 weeks to prepare for Tech... otherwise Tech might have run up 600 yards on them!


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