November 25, 2008

Fan Foodie: College Park

I did a guest post on Hugging Harold Reynolds' excellent Fan Foodie blog reviewing the food options at Byrd Stadium and Comcast Center.  Let's just say that Boadwalk Fries featured prominently in the review.

1 Responses:

Michelangelo said...

The best food I've found at Comcast Center (other than Boardwalk Fries) are the pulled pork sandwiches on the concourse behind "the wall". Sadly, when I was there for a recent non-conference game, attendance was so light that the BBQ place wasn't open.

My usual go-to food at stadiums and arenas is the "chicken bakset", but the basket at Comcast Center is one of the most disappointing I have ever had... 3 small pieces of dry chicken, and they ran out of BBQ sauce before halftime.

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