November 26, 2008

NFL Picks Week 13

Plenty of football for the Turkey Day weekend, be sure to get your fill.

Brien (34-25-1):

Arizona (+3) over PHILADELPHIA: I don't really understand this line. The Cardinals are pretty good and the Eagles have had way too much drama the last few weeks.

Baltimore (-7) over CINCINNATI: The Ravens seem to be hitting their stride and they know this is a must-win game.

Indianapolis (-4.5) over CLEVELAND: Peyton can smell the playoffs.

MINNESOTA (-3.5) over Chicago: Two teams moving in opposite directions.

Pittsburgh (-1) over NEW ENGLAND: I normally hate picking the Steelers, but I don't think the Patriots are in the same league.

Jason (30-29-1):
Jason couldn't get his picks in time this week because he's too busy making creme brulee and other Thanksgiving treats. Either that, or he finally got above .500 and wants to retire.

Jeremy (33-26-1):

Arizona (+3) over PHILADELPHIA - A very short week for the Cardinals who played Sunday afternoon and have to fly to Philly with only two days of practice to play the Eagles. Still, I like the Cards in this old-school, pre-realignment NFC East rematch.

New York Giants (-3) over WASHINGTON - Let's see... a banged up Redskins D going against this Giants offense. Yeah, not so sure our offense will be able to come close to matching the Giants' firepower. Prove me wrong, Redskins!!!

Indianapolis (-4.5) over CLEVELAND - This is a Browns team in turmoil going up against a Colts team that has won four straight.

OAKLAND (-3) over Kansas City - Tyler Thigpen hasn't been playing bad lately, but the Raiders D is pretty staunch (by AFC West standards) and K.C. is winless on the road this year.

Carolina (+3) over GREEN BAY - Nobody likes playing at Lambeau this time of year, but I'll take the Panthers and the points in this one.

Magic 8 Ball (33-26-1) :

Arizona (+3) over PHILADELPHIA - "Don't count on it." (Eagles won't beat spread)

WASHINGTON (+3) over New York Giants - "Yes." (Redskins will beat spread)

Indianapolis (-4.5) over CLEVELAND - "Don't count on it." (Browns won't beat spread)

OAKLAND (-3) over Kansas City - "Signs point to yes." (Raiders will beat spread)

GREEN BAY (-3) over Carolina - "My sources say yes." (Packers will beat spread)

Russell (27-32-1):
Any expression of confidence here would be laughable given my record and the fact that I haven't watched an NFL game in a couple weeks.

Baltimore (-7) over CINCINNATI - I predict the Ravens defense will outscore the Bungles offense.

Indianapolis (-4.5) over CLEVELAND - We're back to the Derek Anderson Browns, and the Colts are playing like the Colts again.

SAN DIEGO (-5) over Atlanta - When the Falcons have struggled this year, it's been when they couldn't run the ball on the road.

NY Giants (-3) over WASHINGTON - What have we seen recently from the Skins that makes us think they'll beat the best team in the NFC?

San Francisco (+7) over BUFFALO - Don't get all excited about last week's anomaly, the Bills are still struggling.


Russell: BAL, IND, NYG, SD, SF

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