October 25, 2008

Fair Weather Phillies Fans Come Out in Force

I've been going to Maryland Football games for the past 9 years, and there aren't normally very many Phillies fans there. You'll see some Eagles fans, and of course tons of Yankees and Red Sox hats, but almost never any Phillies gear.

Artist's redition of a typical Phillies fan

Today in College Park, however, it seemed like every other person was wearing a Phillies hat, jersey or t-shirt. It's great to support your team, and it's certainly easier to do it when they're successful, but this is a bit out of hand. It's like when the Red Sox started winning a few years ago and everyone who had ever visited Boston seemed to find the Red Sox hat in the back of their closet.

That has to annoy those fans who have stuck by the Phillies through thick and thin, right? I mean, there have to be some fans in Philadelphia that haven't booed their team.

(And yes, this is what passes for World Series coverage around here)

2 Responses:

Number Three said...

I noticed the same thing at the downpour, er, Maryland game yesterday. Like, where did all these Phillies fans come from? In all fairness, though, there's a family with tickets right in front of ours--a husband, wife, and little boy. They all wear Phillies caps, and have all season. Now, I'm sure that the husband and wife ARE Phillies fans, and there's nothing one can do about that, it happens. But putting a Phillies cap on your kid? Isn't that a form of child abuse?

Anonymous said...

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