October 22, 2008

College Football Picks - Week 9

Can the Terps show up against a team they're supposed to beat?

Now that I'm back on track after a 4-1 record last week, I'm going to burn a couple picks on things I'm worried about but am hoping don't actually happen. They're not bad picks in the first place, but I'd rather be wrong.

NC State (+10.5) over MARYLAND - How good have the Terps been as heavy favorites this year? Plus the Wolfpack have been very competitive, even though they don't have many wins to show for it.

Virginia (+11.5) over GEORGIA TECH - The option hasn't dominated the last couple games, and the Cavs are suddenly competitive. I don't know if Virginia will be the same on the road, but I'm worried about a Jackets letdown after the Clemson game.

Virginia Tech (+4.5) over FLORIDA STATE - Beamer and the Hokies don't often lose in back-to-back weeks, and they may be able to wreak havoc with the Noles' young QB. Tyrod will have his work cut out for him against a tough, fast defense.

Houston will show the idiots in Fayetteville how big a mistake they made.

And now the other games:
Mississippi (-5) over ARKANSAS - You can bet Nutt will have something extra special for the Razorbacks in his return, after the abusive treatment he received from the fans and alumni there. Plus he knows the weaknesses of every Arkansas player, and his team's better to start with.

TEXAS (-12.5) over Oklahoma State - The Cowboys offense hasn't faced a legitimate defense all year, and their victory over Missouri was enabled by 3 Chase Daniel turnovers in the second half. They'll need a similar breakdown by Colt to be close in this one.

Texas Tech (+1.5) over KANSAS - I'll take the Red Raiders because I think they're more likely to break 50 points. Both teams might.

Penn State (-2.5) over OHIO STATE - Last week's offensive explosion by the Buckeyes was an anomaly, and they'll be lucky to get to 20 points this week behind their rookie QB. The Nittany Lions won't dominate like the Trojans, but I definitely expect them to win.

Georgia (+2) over LSU - The Tigers' only big win was over Auburn, not so impressive. The Dawgs have more weapons on offense and should be able to confuse LSU's young QBs. This is not the same team that won the title last year in any respect. It's a day game, so the crowd won't be nearly as much of a factor.

Last week: 4-1-0
Season: 28-18-2

2 Responses:

M.A.S.H. said...

That Maryland-NC State spread is WAY too big. Where did I put the deed to my house?

Jesse W said...

I'll take UVa, FSU, UGa and Ohio State

Jesse W.

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