October 25, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 8

Almost halfway through the season, with only Brien and Jeremy putting up above .500 marks on the season:

Brien (20-15):

Not a good showing for me last week, but if the Jets had pulled the game out in OT and if the Bucs had scored 1 more point, I'd be singing a different tune. Sheridan has the Dallas-Tampa Bay game off the board, but other sites have it as Dallas -2. If you can bet that game, take the Bucs.

NEW ORLEANS (+3) over San Diego - Both teams should be a lot better than 3-4, but the Chargers haven't won outside the Pacific time zone this year (their one road win was over the Raiders) and the Saints are 3-1 at the Superdome. I'm an idiot, the game is in England. Doesn't change my pick, though.

CAROLINA (-4.5) over Arizona - The Panthers are undefeated at Bank of America Stadium, and the Cardinals' one road win is over the 49ers.

JACKSONVILLE (-6.5) over Cleveland - I'm still not ready to give up on the Jaguars this season, and I don't give the Browns any credit for holding it close against the Redskins last week.

Buffalo (-1.5) over MIAMI - The Bills are 5-1. You may not have realized that. The Dolphins have two great wins (over NE and SD), but four uninspired losses.

TENNESSEE (-3.5) over Indianapolis - The Titans are still undefeated against the spread, and I think we may still be overrating the Colts. That could all change this weekend, though.

Jason (16-19):

I got absolutely hosed last week. I guess that means I'm due to swing back with a 4-1 or better. That's how it works, right?

BALTIMORE (-6.5) over Oakland - There's been a lot of turmoil in Ravens' camp this week, but I still just can't see Oakland scoring any points on their own.

NEW YORK JETS (-12.5) over Kansas City - Brett Favre has been scorned and Kansas City is starting players I've never seen at any level.

Washington (-7.5) over DETROIT - The game is blacked out in Detroit. Despite the Skins' defensive injuries, I just don't see where points are going to come.

NEW YORK GIANTS (+2.5) over Pittsburgh - These teams are very evenly matched, so I'll give the edge to the champs.

Buffalo (-1.5) over MIAMI - This line is pretty stunning. Is there some angle I'm missing?

Jeremy (18-17):

Nothing like a meaningless safety at the end of the 49ers-Giants game last week to make the Giants cover the spread. When that ball was kicked out of the end zone, a lot of people lost a lot of money.

Washington (-7.5) over DETROIT - Detroit has played games closer as of late, but with this Redskins defense in lockdown mode, I don't see their offense putting up more than 10.

Buffalo (-1.5) over MIAMI - Either Vegas knows something I don't or people in Vegas think this is the 2004 Bills.

Tampa Bay (+2) over DALLAS - I love the Cowboys in full meltdown mode. I'm making this pick more out of hope than anything else. (I put my picks in on Saturday and the game is on the board)

Atlanta (+9) over PHILADELPHIA - Picking another road team to beat the spread, but I have mad respect for Matt Ryan. This will be his most hostile road game yet, but I still don't trust Philly's offense to cover this kind of spread.

TENNESSEE (-3) over Indianapolis - Whatever Jeff Fisher is putting in Kerry Collins' Metamucil, it's working.

Magic 8 Ball (17-18):

DETROIT (+7.5) over Washington - "My sources say yes." (Lions will beat the spread)

MIAMI (+1.5) over Buffalo - "Signs point to yes." (Dolphins will beat the spread)

DALLAS (-2) over Tampa Bay - "Yes." (Cowboys will beat the spread)

Atlanta (+9) over PHILADELPHIA - "No." (Eagles won't beat the spread)

Indianapolis (+3) over TENNESSEE - "My answer is no." (Tennessee won't beat the spread)

Russell (17-18):

At least I had a good week on college picks last week. It wasn't too long ago that I was 15-10 for NFL picks... ouch.

BALTIMORE (-6.5) over Oakland - The Raiders still can't score against a decent defense.

CAROLINA (-4.5) over Arizona - The Panthers are great at home, and the Cardinals are awful on the road on the East Coast.

San Diego (-3) over NEW ORLEANS - No Reggie Bush = No Offense for the Saints.

PITTSBURGH (-2.5) over NY Giants - Should be a good game, but home field advantage and the better defense swings this to the Steelers.

St Louis (+7.5) over NEW ENGLAND - Let's not get too excited about how great the Pats looked against the worst D in the league. If anyone noticed, the Rams just beat the Skins and the Cowboys in consecutive weeks.

Russell: BAL, CAR, SAN, PIT, STL

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