October 25, 2008

It Wasn't Pretty, but the Terps Win Again

Maryland has had an up and down season, to say the least, but in a rainy College Park today, they pulled out a hard-fought win over an improving NC State team.

It would have been nice to see more of this today.

The game was tied for the entire 4th quarter until Obi Egekeze kicked a 20-yard field goal as time expired. Even though he had missed earlier from 39, Egekeze has overcome his early-season jitters to become a reliable kicker.

The field goal capped an 89 yard drive in the final 4:50 to move the Terps into field goal position. A lot of fans have questioned the team's heart this season, but they really showed me something in playing their best ball when it really counted today.

The offense looked great all game, particularly on the ground. Da'Rel Scott rushed for 163 yards before leaving the game during the final drive (hopefully not with a re-injury of his shoulder). Davin Meggett also looked great, with a huge 30 yard run on the final drive to move the Terps from the edge of Egekeze's range to chip-shot distance.

The defense didn't look so strong, allowing NC State quarterback Russell Wilson to gain 53 yards on the ground (seemingly all on 3rd and long). They had a few big stops, but couldn't seem to get off the field when they needed to. The Terps defense will need to step it up for the team to have a chance next Thursday in Blacksburg. I wasn't among the people calling for Defensive Coordinator Chris Cosh to be fired, but it was disappointing to see the defense fail over and over again to contain a mobile quarterback.

The ACC standings are wide open, with the Terps and Seminoles tied atop the Atlantic division at 3-1. Boston College and Wake Forest are only a game behind, and Clemson is shockingly only 1-3. Maryland and Florida State meet in College Park on November 22nd for what could possibly be a game for a berth in the ACC Championship Game (but a lot could happen before then).

I'm a little disillusioned today because I realized that the title of my favorite Terps blog, It Never Rains in College Park, is a huge lie. I was in College Park and it was definitely raining. A lot. At least Kyle's prediction of a Terps win wasn't a lie.

Update: ESPN enthusiastically identified the weather at the game.

Photo credit: danoshinsky.com

4 Responses:

Russell said...

Regarding the upcoming VT game, both Tyrod Taylor and Glennon left this week's game with injuries and did not return. Taylor was on the sideline in street clothes and a boot. The absence of those two would really help our chances.

Grant said...

Wow, no Tyrod Taylor? That would help us.

Also, that espn pic is hilarious

Jeremy said...

Wow... ESPN wasn't lying either. That was the most miserable game I've sat through weather-wise in 11 seasons of attending. Thank goodness the result was good.

J-Red said...

Local radio was all in agreement tonight. It was the most miserable sporting experience of everyone's lives.

Personally, I'll take 55 and soaked over 20 and 25mph dry wind. That's just me, though.

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