October 27, 2008

Dear Jews: Marry in the Offseason

I was at a Jewish wedding this afternoon. Yes, SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Not just that, with the World Series in swing I was at a wedding THIS afternoon, when almost all the games were played between my drive time and the ceremony time.

That being said: PAY CAM CAMERON. The Ravens offense, considering the tools, is beautiful. Show him tape of the 15 losses last year and convince him that the old coaching staff is the only thing that saved him from 0-16 rather than 1-15.


10 Responses:

Jeremy said...

I did. One week before the start of the season. I made me and one of our loyal ECB readers Staci miss the Maryland-Villanova football game. I think that is acceptable.

Nikhil Verma said...

Get married in May-August. Nothing goes on there. Worst time to get married, sports wise? March Madness.

J-Red said...

February is the correct time to get married. Second best: June-July. I don't want to have to tell you that'd I'd rather see a preseason game than your holy union.

"ben" said...


I cannot believe you are pinning this on the Jews. There are PLENTY of fall weddings by non-Jews on Saturdays, which is equally as bad.

Jeremy's wedding also made me miss the first half of the UM-Appalachian State game. I wish he had made me miss all of it.

J-Red said...

Ummm, to me missing college FB is NOT equally bad. College FB is played Thursday through Saturday with 130 teams in action.

The NFL is played from 1p Sunday to 7p Sunday, with a couple little teases on Sunday and Monday night.

"ben" said...

You selfish bastard.

THE day for college football is Saturday, especially if you're a Big Ten fan. Maybe you don't value college football as much as the NFL, but many people value the NCAA more than the NFL, and certainly many more value it a great deal, even if not as much as the NFL.

You don't personally have to care about missing college games. But to call out Jews for scheduling weddings on NFL Sundays while giving all denominations of Christianity a pass for Saturday weddings is hurtful and offensive.

I cannot believe you would imply that the NCAA fans are second-class citizens. It's still football. If you prick us, do we not bleed?

Jeremy said...

Ben, you hit the nail on the head (so to speak). We're pricks.

big tuna said...

Fall weddings on Saturdays are much, much worse. What is the big deal with missing an NFL game on Sunday? All NFL games are pretty much the same anyway, so just catch it on Monday night.

"ben" said...

Normally I wouldn't bother explaining my utterly brilliant self, but I just want to make sure everyone got how witty I am.

I used "if you prick us, do we not bleed?" to signify that NCAA fans are equal to NFL fans. Of course, that is Shylock's line in The Merchant of Venice when he, the villainous Jew, is pleading to be treated humanely.

Okay, class dismissed.

Stephen Finley said...

Be honest... my wedding was way more fun than watching college football. Everyone got drunk and that's what really counts!

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