October 31, 2008

NFL Picks Week 9

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Brien (22-18):

TENNESSEE (-5) over Green Bay - I'll keep betting the Titans until they fail to cover.

Baltimore (+1.5) over CLEVELAND - It just feels like the Ravens are starting to believe they're a good team.  Plus, this is one of their last chances to win before the schedule gets really rough.

New England (+6) over INDIANAPOLIS - The Patriots have a little too much pride to let this game get out of hand.

Tampa Bay (-9) over KANSAS CITY - I normally hate laying this many points on the road, but the Bucs are pretty good and the Chiefs are pretty awful. 

SEATTLE (+6.5) over Philadelphia - I don't really have a good reason for this one, except that it looks like a trap line to me.

Jason (19-21):

I'm still a big fat loser, but I feel like I can still piece this together.

Baltimore (+1.5) over CLEVELAND - I think I get the Ravens now. They beat bad teams, compete with good teams, and Flacco defecates himself when he sees Peyton Manning.

Green Bay (+5) over TENNESSEE - This feels like a letdown game AND an overlook game.

INDIANAPOLIS (-6) over New England - The reverse of the Titans. Both teams are bouncing in different directions.

WASHINGTON (-2) over Pittsburgh - I don't think the Skins are better, but I think they match up well against Pittsburgh.

BUFFALO (-5.5) over New York Jets - I really don't like the Jets this year. They've struggled with some bad teams.

Jeremy (21-19):

An interesting array of games to choose from, especially for somebody teetering on the edge of respectability.  As much as I'd love to bet on the Ravens-Browns game, based upon the Browns complete Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde persona this far in the season, there's no way I can do that.

BUFFALO (-5.5) over New York Jets
- This Jets team actually received a scare from the Chiefs.  And I think the Bills might be just a little pissed off after last week's debacle in Miami.  Let's face it... we now know this isn't 1996 Brett Favre.

Detroit (+12.5) over CHICAGO
- This is a pretty damn big spread for the Bears to cover.  I see the Lions actually slowly edging towards keeping games close, especially with Calvin Johnson kind of waking up lately.

Green Bay (+5) over TENNESSEE - I actually think this is the weekend the 1972 Dolphins will be popping open champagne.

Dallas (+8.5) over NEW YORK GIANTS - The Giants are still the best team in the wicked NFC East as of right now, but no NFC East divisional game comes that easy for the Giants to cover this spread.

Pittsburgh (+2) over WASHINGTON
- I'll be at the game.  Which means that I have to bet Pittsburgh.  That way, if the 'Skins lose, at least I may be happy about a bet.  I actually give the nod to the Steelers with the 'Skins secondary so banged up and the lack of a great pass rush.

Magic 8 Ball (20-20):
BUFFALO (-5.5) over New York Jets - "My sources say yes." (Bills will beat the spread)
Detroit (+12.5) over CHICAGO - "No." (Bears will not beat the spread)
Green Bay (+5) over TENNESSEE - "My answer is no." (Titans won't beat the spread)
NEW YORK GIANTS (-8.5) over Dallas - "Signs point to yes." (Giants will beat the spread)
WASHINGTON (-2) over Pittsburgh - "Signs point to yes." (Redskins will beat the spread)

Russell (19-21):

TENNESSEE (-5) over Green Bay
- I have no idea why the spread is this small.  Is Vegas expected a Titans letdown?  I'm not.

Philadelphia (-6.5) over SEATTLE
- This looks like as much of a gimme as you can get in the NFL.  Just watch, the Seahawks will win...

Houston (+4.5) over MINNESOTA
- The Texans look like they've figured things out, and the Vikings still have no consistent passing offense.

CHICAGO (-12.5) over Detroit
- I have no fear of the Lions outside.

Tampa Bay (-9) over KANSAS CITY
- I will be shocked if the Chiefs break 10 points.


Brien: TEN, BAL, NE, TB, SEA
Jeremy: GB, DET, BUF, DAL, PIT
Russell: TEN, CHI, TB, PHI, HOU

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1 Responses:

J-Red said...

It's the comments that make Russell's picks funnier.

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