August 28, 2008

Dream Races

Where would you love to see NASCAR run? What track should F1 add to its season next?

What if they put you in charge and you could pick any race track in the world? What race would you add to each series?

Here are my picks:

MotoGP at Martinsville

"Two drag strips with a turn around on each end"is the way Martinsville is most often described. I'd love to see the awesome acceleration and braking of the MotoGP bikes around that track.

Someone would probably end up with whiplash by the end of the race, but it would be an awesome sight.

Nascar at Laguna Seca

Nascar's road course races are always fun to watch. The stock cars never seem to be at home with right hand turns and it's all the driver can do to get the car stable in between turns.

The Laguna Seca corkscrew would be an incredible test of driver and mechanic ability in a stock car. For those not familiar with it, the corkscrew is a left-right turn complex with the left hander coming over the crest of a hill and the right hander on a very steep decline. It's very difficult to hit the complex just right, but drivers who do can carry a good bit of speed through it.

Nascar fans often wonder who the best pure driver in the series is, and Laguna Seca would definitely help them answer that question.

IRL at the Nurburgring

The Nordschleife is a 14 mile track in Germany that used to host F1 races before it was determined to be unsafe due to its length. It's an amazing track with every sort of turn you could imagine, and presents a huge challenge to drivers.

IRL is a series that is centered around one race, the Indianapolis 500. The series really needs another marquee event to define itself as different from all the other open wheel circuits.

I thought about putting Nascar here, just because it would be so much fun to see the teams try to put spotters around a 14 mile track.

F1 at Bristol

I'm sure F1 purists will strongly disagree with me here, but it would be awesome to see those cars race at Thunder Valley. My biggest complaint about Formula 1 races is that there isn't enough passing. At last weekend's European Grand Prix, I don't remember seeing a single overtaking move for position.

At Bristol, "The World's Fastest Half Mile," lack of passing wouldn't be a problem. The Nascar races at Bristol run several different racing lines that are all evenly matched. The 30 degree banking in the turns makes sure of that.

I've always thought it would be fun to see F1 race on an oval, and Bristol is certainly the most fun oval of them all. It would be a huge challenge for the mechanics to optimize the set-up on the cars for a track so different than all the others, but that might let some of the backmarker teams have a chance at a race win.

I'm sure none of these dream races are feasible in the slightest, but wouldn't it be awesome if they were?

2 Responses:

gpb said...

Nascar on Suzuka Circuit or Fuji Speedway. I would like to see Nascar drivers move to advanced driving. Massive props if they break Massa or Hamilton's records on the courses. Actually, let them race on any of the F1 circuits. If they come close to a record, I may change my perspective on Nascar drivers.

F1 at Bristol would start like many F1 races. A plethora of accidents and then we see who finishes. Definitely exciting but Bristol wouldn't be as fun of a race. But besides Nascar's left turn tracks, where else would they race that isn't business as usual?

I'd like to see Nascar driver go head to head with the F1 drivers. Mix of circuits and whatever vehicles. Best drivers win. I certainly think Nascar would lose but I don't really think highly of Nascar.

Russell said...

A racing decathlon of sorts could be pretty cool. Take the best drivers and put them in equally good cars from each series and run 2 or 3 races in each car. That would be fun. And if you're wondering, the NASCAR All-Star race already has cars that are supposedly evenly matched, so I'm sure the other series could do it too.

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