September 19, 2008

Week 3 NFL Picks

Brien (6-3-0):

Jason and I are picking 6 games this week to make up for the Ravens-Texans game we picked that was postponed.

Arizona (+3) over WASHINGTON - Great win for the Skins last week, but let's not get carried away.

Tampa Bay (+3) over CHICAGO - I think the Bucs might be pretty good this year.

INDIANAPOLIS (-6) over Jacksonville - It's time to start asking if the Jags are really any good at all.

Carolina (+6) over Minnesota - I'm not a Frerotte believer.

BALTIMORE (-2) over Cleveland - You can't bet on Romeo after the debacle at halftime last week.

NY Jets (+8.5) over SAN DIEGO - You can't give Brett Favre more than a touchdown on Monday Night 

Jason (4-5-0):

Home favorites haven't been doing well this year, so Vegas decided to give us 15 of them this week.

Arizona (+3) over WASHINGTON - I just see the Skins being one step forward, two steps back all season long.

Cincinnati (+13) over NY GIANTS - I think the Giants have been feeding off the "no respect" angle, and I think they relax their way into a close one.

DENVER (-5) over New Orleans - I still REALLY like Denver this year.

INDIANAPOLIS (-6) over Jacksonville - I know Jax is in must-win mode, but that doesn't make O-linemen healthy.

Miami (+13) over NEW ENGLAND - Yeah, I'm picking the loser Dolphins to cover. Not win, but cover.

BUFFALO (-9) over Oakland - Trent Edwards has a lot of confidence right now, and momentum might be building.

Jeremy (6-4-0):
Two consecutive weeks batting over .500.  I'm no Russell though.  At least I'm doing better than Bill Simmons.  Seriously, if you want to lose all your money, bet with his picks.

Cleveland (+2) over BALTIMORE - Cleveland's two games so far against the class of the NFC and the class of the AFC and they were competitive in horrible conditions last week.  Baltimore will have some rust - unlike a traditional bye week where you have two weeks to prepare for your next opponent, they've only had the typical week.

DENVER (-5) over New Orleans - Did everyone see what Jason Campbell did to the Saints beat-up secondary last week?  Did everyone see what Jay Cutler did with Brandon Marshall last week? 

Jets (+8.5) over SAN DIEGO - San Diego is the most tough luck 0-2 team in the league.  And I laugh at PhiLLLLip and Norville.  Nonetheless, you don't give Brett Favre this many points on Monday Night Football.  San Diego may get a W, but it won't be a blowout.

ATLANTA (-5.5) over Kansas City - Tough year for Missouri NFL teams who could legitimately go a combined 0-32.  Good day to own Michael Turner in your fantasy league.  And a great confidence rebuilder for Matt Ryan.

Carolina (+3) over MINNESOTA - A very curious line.  Gus Frerotte is going to have a rude welcome back to the NFL facing the Vikings' defensive line.

Magic 8 Ball (5-5-0):
Cleveland (+2) over BALTIMORE - "My answer is no." (Ravens won't beat spread)
DENVER (-5) over New Orleans - "Yes." (Broncos will beat spread)
Jets (+8.5) over SAN DIEGO - "Don't count on it." (Chargers beating spread)
ATLANTA (-5.5) over Kansas City - "Signs point to yes." (Falcons beating spread)
MINNESOTA (-3) over Carolina - "My sources say yes." (Vikings will beat spread)

Russell (8-2-0):
Last week's perfection was fun, but it leaves me no room for improvement.  I guess I'll just have to duplicate my performance.

BUFFALO (-9) over Oakland - McFadden might be good, but he's not going to run wild against a Bills D that controlled MJD and the Jags running game.  Bills could be a playoff team this year, while Jamarcus and Lane aren't going anywhere.

Cleveland (+2) over BALTIMORE - Flacco made it past the lowly Bungles, but the Browns will be a much stiffer test.

ATLANTA (-5.5) over Kansas City - What can say that's positive about the Chiefs right now?  Torched on the ground by the Raiders, and starting Tyler Thigpen?

St Louis (+9) over SEATTLE - Nine point favorites typically have more to show for their season than a blowout by the Bills and an OT loss to the 49ers.  At least the Rams lost to likely playoff teams, plus the "win or else" ultimatum is usually motivating for at least one week against a bad team.

Detroit (+4.5) over SAN FRANCISCO - There's a slight difference between Logan Payne, Courtney Taylor, and the Seahawks, and Calvin Johnson, Roy Williams, and the Lions.  Don't overreact to last week's win.

Jeremy - CLE, DEN, NYJ, ATL, CAR
Russell - BUF, CLE, ATL, STL, DET
Magic 8 Ball - CLE, DEN, NYJ, ATL, MIN

4 Responses:

M.A.S.H. said...

You're right...there's no way the Skins are winning two in a row, unless they're already been eliminated from playoff contention. It goes against their organizational commitment to underacheiving.

J-Red said...

Or on the brink of elimination, like 2005 and 2007.

big tuna said...

Russell likes the winless teams. I hope you all have learned not to bet on the Lions, ever.

Russell said...

Yeah, I'm now 0-2 betting on the Lions, and 0-2 betting on the Browns. Also 0-1 on the Rams. So of my 6 incorrect picks, 5 have been on teams that are now 0-3.

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